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5 Tough Truths About Your Career Change (From Unlikely Experts)

A dog psychologist, a radio host, and a painter who's paralysed from the neck down.... These people aren't (technically) qualified to give you advice on your career change. But they're not scared to tell you the truth – and if what you've been doing hasn't been working, a tough-love wake-up call might be exactly what you need. Natasha shares five refreshing, provocative lessons from people you'd never think to ask for advice on your shift.

“We had been discussing starting our own business for months, but injuring myself really gave me the push I needed.”

Image of Corinne and Dan

From Spa to Start-up

Corinne Taylor had a bad case of burn out. When her back literally gave out under the strain, she realised it was time for a big change. Teaming up with business partner Daniel Henriques (who was fed up with his own unsociable work hours), she's now grown a career that helps her feel relaxed and energised. Here's their story.

“I didn't want to lose my passion and desire to work and succeed in my career; I just needed to do something that would allow flexibility, on my own terms.”

Image of Gemma Whates

From Marketing to Marketplace

Gemma Whates was being pulled in two directions at once; either her career or home life always had to take second place. Fed up with compromise, she decided to take a gamble. Now she's got the home–work mix she wanted and she's letting her entrepreneurial side shine. Here's how she did it.