We’re proud to be a Business for Good

What is Business for Good?

We incorporate purpose and meaning to our work at Careershifters through giving.

With B1G1 we’ve partnered with leading organisations to support local initiatives that we’re passionate about. 

Why do we choose to give?

At the heart of what we do at Careershifters is wanting to make a positive difference in the world. 

We do this through our work in helping people to move into more fulfilling work. 

We also do this by supporting projects that provide education and skills development for children, young people and communities, who don’t have the same opportunities as we do.

How do we support the initiatives?

We’re passionate about supporting these initiatives with you. 

Every time you purchase a place on a live Masterclass (or an on-demand recording), attend a Workshop, or take part in the Launch Pad, we give a day's education, skills training or provide support to a community based project elsewhere in the world.




days of an arts based training programme to disadvantaged young adults in India

Our Career Change Masterclasses support the ‘After School Life Skills Programme’ managed by Dream a Dream, in India. Vulnerable young adults who’ve experienced violence or neglect, take part in drawing, painting, drama, clay modelling and puppetry – helping them become independent and develop essential life skills.



days of school fees to disadvantaged children in Thailand

Our Career Change Workshops help orphaned and at-risk children with their school fees in Thailand. The project is run by Hands across the Water, and supports children to go to nursery, primary school, secondary school, community colleges and attend university. 



trees supporting a reforestation project in Borneo

For every participant taking part in our Career Change Launch Pad, we plant a tree at a reforestation site in Borneo, through Health in Harmony. This project not only helps to plant trees and care for them – it also supports marginalised communities who look after the forest.



days of secondary education to children in Zimbabwe

Taking part in one of our Career Change Workshops helps support the Vana Trust to pay the tuition fees for children to go to secondary school. Secondary school is a luxury for many in Zimbabwe. This project not only gives education but also helps children to develop socially, physically and as community citizens.


How can I find out more?

Find out more about our Workshops, Masterclasses and our Launch Pad through which we support B1G1.