Our Impact Report

Since 2006 we've been helping people who want or need a career change find more fulfilling work. This summary of our impact highlights the areas we're most proud of in both the work we do and the impacts it has on our course participants, wider audience and our team.

Our audience participation

8.7 million visitors to our website

230 countries where our visitors are from

12,771 people booking place on a Workshop

87 courses run

2,444 people completing our courses

1,564 hours of coaching given through our courses

Our course, participant and audience impact

8.5/10 and 9/10 satisfaction ratings for our courses  (Launch Pad and High Flyers)  

62 NPS (Net Promotor Score) for our Launch Pad course

66% Launch Pad participants had either made a career shift or were making progress after 6 months

46 written and video impact case studies collected from course participants

531 career change success stories published from our wider audience

Our course participant demographics in 2023

Course participants joined our online courses from 13 countries


Age of our course participants

Gender of our course participants

Our environmental and social giving 

We incorporate purpose and meaning to our work at Careershifters through giving. With B1G1 we’ve partnered with leading organisations to support local initiatives that we’re passionate about.

Most common SDGs impacted through B1G1 giving from our product sale, shown in order of our impact.

Types of projects our B1G1 giving has impacted

3 bursary places given on our Launch Pad course

Our Careershifters team

Our Impact Report was last updated in May 2024. We aim to update and add to this summary every 6 months as we measure more of the impacts we are making.