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How Do I Break Out Of Analysis Paralysis?

Since taking voluntary redundancy, Vlad has been trying to make sure his next career move is one that truly makes him happy. But no matter how much he thinks about what he'd like to do, he can't be sure that any of his ideas are worth following up. How can he break out of his own mental mazes and start moving forward?

Jane Barrett and Camilla Arnold’s ‘If Not Now, When?’ (The IKEA Approach To Career Change)

If Not Now, When?

I hate IKEA. Building your own furniture could be a blast; there’s potential for the process to be fun and challenging. But instead, thanks to IKEA, you find yourself counting 324 wooden pegs, starting again at least four times because you dared to deviate from the ‘process’, and growing a deep, acidic resentment for those smug little bubble-men in the illustrations. Jane Barrett and Camilla Arnold’s book left me feeling the same way.

From Marketing to Mountains

"Surely it would be nuts to give up a successful career to chase after some dream? Isn't that greedy?" After 16 years shifting between roles at a global industrial company, Sarah Maliphant made a radical change to become a mountain guide and professional coach. Read on to discover how she did it.

Just Twenty Seconds...


What act of insane career-change bravery could you make in twenty seconds?

Let us know in the Comments below (and if you're going to do it, let us know how it goes!)

I Just Can't Choose!

Louis is bored in his career and planning his next move. He's interested in lots of different options, but can’t bring himself to choose one in case he misses out on something better elsewhere. How can he move forward?

As Impossible As A Marathon

Don't know about you but I always find the London Marathon a totally emotional experience. The utter ACHIEVEMENT of standing at the start line of a 26 mile course with it all ahead of you. And starting. And running. And keeping going. And keeping going. And getting there!

From Music Marketing to Meditation

Mark Dunn was unfulfilled by his job in marketing at the music giant EMI. The only thing he enjoyed was the company restaurant. After taking some time out, he decided to pursue his passion for wellbeing, and is now a positive meditation teacher. Read on to find out how he made the change.

I Don't Think I Can Take It Any More

Emily is an HR Manager for a hotel chain, and she’s losing the will to carry on. She knows she wants a new career path, but isn’t sure what it might be. In the throes of a job she hates, how can she find the energy to cope with the day-to-day grind and work on a career change at the same time?