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From Teaching to Creative Events

“It was hard, working within a system where we weren't meant to care. I had to get out.” Nicky Chambers loved her job but was frustrated by its ever-increasing bureaucracy. Listening to her intuition, she's now building a portfolio career that feels more in line with her true calling. This is her story so far.

From Charity to Tech

“Like many other changes in my life, it was down to meeting the right people at the right time.” Heather Taylor Portmann loved the variety of her career, but missed learning new skills and the buzz of working with others. Now, she's found her perfect niche in a sharp team where she's learning every day. Here's how she did it and what she learned along the way.

From the BBC to Coaching

“I realised I didn't feel alive anymore.” Dieter Hachenberg needed work that fitted his priorities, not the other way round. But he didn't want his family to suffer financially while he worked things out. Here's how he breathed new life into his career.

From Architecture to Social Impact Design

“I felt like I had found my tribe.” Katie Crepeau felt disconnected from her career. Instead, she craved a buzzy environment where she could make a real social impact. When she discovered her new industry, she finally felt at home. Here, she shares what she did right, what went wrong, and the biggest lessons from her shift.

From Consulting to Interior Design

“I felt my soul was dying a little more with each day that went by.” Issy Zinaburg needed a change. She'd spent ten years successfully working her way up the corporate ladder, but knew she had to get off. So she went back to one of her passions – one that she'd given up for her 'proper' job – and made a new career out of it. This is her story.