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“Am I Too Much Of A Snob To Go For My Dream Job?”

It's one thing to know that your friends and family don't take your dreams seriously. But what if the person mocking your career aspirations is you? Brian's not sure he could ever make the leap from his respected profession into something less prestigious, no matter how unhappy he becomes. How can he overcome this mental block?

From Banker to Patisserie Chef

Image of Reshmi

“I felt no passion for the job... I needed a more creative pursuit.” When another dull project landed on Reshmi Bennett's desk, she knew she had to make a change – away from the corporate world. After many inevitable mistakes along the way, she's now running a business that fulfils both her passion and her talents. This is her story.

From Teaching to Volunteer Management

Image of Penny Atkinson

“I felt pressure... that I should have a 'proper' job.” Penny Atkinson loved the freedom of working and travelling. But the novelty of living out of her suitcase was wearing thin. Here's how she put down new career roots that gave her direction (and a wardrobe), without sacrificing her altruistic ideals.

“Money Or Passion: Can You Ever Truly Have Both?”

Daniel has a successful career that he's worked hard to build, and importantly, he's financially comfortable. He wants to do something he's passionate about, but knows he won't be able to match what he's currently making for a long time, if at all. Is it really possible to do what you love and still maintain the lifestyle you want, or will 'reality' always hold you back?

From Law to Learning and Development

Image of Rebecca Hill

“I decided to look for a career which combined my two passions.” Rebecca Hill's work was stressful, emotional and didn't allow her to think creatively. So, she decided to shift – changing functions, but keeping some of the aspects of her former role she enjoyed. Here's how she did it and found her Monday mojo.

From Officer to Business Owner

Image of Richard Eason

“I don't miss the rigid hierarchy and the constrained 'way we do things'.” Richard Eason had enjoyed his career, but knew he needed to do something different – away from the rules that had shaped so much of his working life. Here's how he made the leap, and how he swapped his uniform for, well, less conventional work attire...

From PR to Art

Image of Nami Chikhlia

“I finally felt that I was correcting my career path to what it always should have been.” How often do you dismiss your inner voice that tells you what you're meant for, and follow the 'acceptable' path instead? Nami Chikhlia was stuck in work that just didn't feel right, until a trip to Japan unlocked her creative side. Here's how she made the leap – and how it felt like coming home.