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Coping With The Critics


Feel like everyone around you is rushing to see the problems with your new career plan? Frustrated with people continually "bursting your bubble"? Brian Cormack Carr shows you how to handle different types of critic and survive unscathed!

Fear.less Magazine - the big 'why' and how to manage your career change fears

fearless magazine cover may 2011

Feeling fearful about your career change? Worried about your finances or jittery about potentially making the wrong move?

The latest issue of Fearless magazine shares personal stories of those who have faced their fears and overcome them - all very relevant material for anyone making a career change.

Zappo's CEO Tony Hsieh explains how he overcame his fear of public speaking. His way of tackling his fear can show how you can approach fears you may have about networking, pitching or going to interviews.

Paralympian Josh Sundsquist talks about the importance of the big ‘why’ - the motivating factor that makes you determined to meet your goals. His interview may help you if you haven’t yet been able to commit to a possible new career direction.

Writer Laura Vanderham talks about how to use your time efficiently rather than waste it (helpful if you’re using a lack of time as a reason to not change career!).

A great and inspiring read, check out Fear.less here.

Video: Sir Ken Robinson on Passion for The School Of Life

Here is a very funny and inspiring lecture by Sir Ken Robinson, about working with your passion(s). Ken’s background is in creativity in education, and he has written books about the importance of working with your natural talents. I would encourage you to watch the video the whole way through. I've also pulled out some of his key ideas that relate to career change for you to think about!