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From Graphic Design to Travel

Image of Adam Groffman

“Overcoming doubt is hard, but once you decide to just do it – that's when it gets exciting.” Adam Groffman had trodden the 'expected' path after university. But a weekend in Reykjavik taught him that he didn't have to follow the herd – he could design his own working life, on his own terms. Find out how he's created a bespoke career that combines his passions and lets him see the world.

From Private Equity to Social Investing

Image of Mireya Alvarez

“I've gone from working in a role that was removed from what I care most about, to a job that I would still do even if I won the lottery.” Ever feel like you're being pulled in two opposite directions? Mireya Alvarez knew she needed to combine her passions for finance and helping others, but she was scared of losing the salary and lifestyle that came with a corporate career. Find out which side won the tug of war.

What To Do When The Career You Want Feels Impossible To Achieve


You know what you want. Your heart yearns for it like nothing else. But it's a long shot. There are so many people further down the path than you, how will you ever make it? You can't bring yourself to start. Or maybe you got started, but abandoned the journey at the first hurdle because… what's the point? Ella Bourke shares her own story and a powerful exercise to help you move forward.

From Marketing to Own Business

Steff Booth

“When I realised that I was no longer springing out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day, I knew that I had to do something about it.” What do you do when you fall out of love with your job and find nothing that feels even vaguely interesting in the job ads? You could do what Steff Booth did, which was to reinvent herself and launch a business where she does the things she enjoys. Here's her story.

From Research to Teaching

Image of Estefania de Torres

“I felt trapped in a life which was destroying me; little by little, my entire world was collapsing." Estefania de Torres Socias hated her job, but was also terrified of leaping into the unknown. When she was nearly in an accident, she reassessed her life. Here's the story of what happened next and how she found a career that fits more authentically with who she is.

From Skyscrapers to Software

Image of Andrea

“When I talk about work now, it's in a much more positive way.” Andrea was frustrated by his slow-moving industry. Now he's found work that not only fulfils him, but is also better paid and has better prospects. Here, he shares how failure – and a push from a loved one – can bring surprising results.