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A Peek Into The Life Of A Portfolio Careerist

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Have you considered creating a portfolio career, where you have two or more work areas on the go? To give you an insight into what it's like to have a portfolio career, Careershifters site user Charlise shares her experience and tips.


I Signed Up For a Career Change Not A Life Change

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When we start to re-engage with our passions and values it is likely that this will start to spill over into other areas of our lives too. If your career change has morphed into a grander life overhaul, here are some tips to help you mitigate overwhelm!

Does A Passion Always Turn Into A Career?

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Is turning your passion into a career the best path for you? Trial out turning professional to find out. If you discover that you don't enjoy your passion as much when it's a career, there are other options you can take to get the right balance between paid work and your passions. Read this blog post to help you if you are considering turning a passion into a career!