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From HR to Fashion

How do you move into an industry in which you have no experience? Anna Ackred, a former city-based HR advisor who wanted to do something more creative, did just this. Here, she explains the practical steps she took.

From Teaching to Training Teachers

"Initially, I started looking for a totally different area of work as I was so desperate to make a change..." When you don't enjoy your job, it can be tempting to drop everything and run full-tilt in the opposite direction. But, as Siobhan Goffee proved, what you're looking for may be closer to home than you think. Find out how she made a values-led shift instead of a knee-jerk reaction.

How Do I Deal With A Salary Drop?

Tim is considering a switch into a new career, but he's worried about money. Not only would his new role be lower paid, he also has to think about keeping himself above water while he makes the move itself. How can he finance his shift?