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“I Can’t Afford to Change Career”. Oh Really?


Do you tell yourself you can't afford to change career? The process isn't always costly, but you may need to fund training or start up costs. If so, is it 'impossible' to cut back your expenses to fund the change, or do you just not want to?

I Signed Up For a Career Change Not A Life Change

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When we start to re-engage with our passions and values it is likely that this will start to spill over into other areas of our lives too. If your career change has morphed into a grander life overhaul, here are some tips to help you mitigate overwhelm!

Does A Passion Always Turn Into A Career?

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Is turning your passion into a career the best path for you? Trial out turning professional to find out. If you discover that you don't enjoy your passion as much when it's a career, there are other options you can take to get the right balance between paid work and your passions. Read this blog post to help you if you are considering turning a passion into a career!

From Arts Grants to Technology Consultancy

Francesca Geens worked for an Arts grant-giving charity, until the organisation restructured and she was forced to think about her other options. Now she runs her own technology consultancy, and has never felt so satisfied at work. Read on to discover how she did it.