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From Politics To Business: 6 Lessons on How to Manage a Risky Career Change

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In this article, the author shares his experience and lessons from taking a huge leap of faith. He used to work in American politics and knew he had to leave that field. Not only did he choose to quit the sector, but also he returned back to full time education, got married, and moved to a town where he knew nobody! 

This kind of major change may not work for everybody, but his experience reveals tips and lessons that all career changers will find useful. Visit the article to find out more; in summary his six tips for success at change are:

  1. Read widely
  2. Plan
  3. Have patience
  4. Timing is important
  5. Have Self-Discipline to follow through
  6. Use your community to help


Checking in with your 2011 Career Change Plan

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If you made a yearly plan or commitment to make 2011 the year for your change, it could be a good time to check in with it and reassess where you are heading. So grab a quiet ten minutes, a pen, some tea, and answer these questions...

Who Do Successful Entrepreneurs Look Up To?

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This article asks successful entrepreneurs and small business owners who their role models are. It's a great source of inspiration and may get you thinking about who your role models might be, whether you are changing career to entrepreneurship or not.

I really wanted to share you this quote from the article by Tate Chalk, the Founder and CEO of Nfinity:

"I'll tell you who I really respect are the thousands of people everyday who 'lay it on the line' by giving up a 'good' career for something better. For those people, who despite their friends and family telling them they are crazy, get out there and make something happen. I am always in awe when I hear those stories. Every success had to start at some point with courage. I just love those stories."

We love those stories too!

From Support Worker to Model Scout Career Change Interview


From Support Worker to Model Scout is a great interview from Gala Darling with a woman who had an unconventional career change. Hope you enjoy it!

Whether you’re into fashion or not, her story can help anyone wanting to make a big career change.

Her journey shows that:

  • Whilst some career changes come about in a more planned way, others can happen organically and incrementally, building up over time
  • The right career path for you, that uses your natural abilities, may become clear to you when you’re not searching or trying to ‘figure it out’ - her move into scouting was quite natural rather than forced
  • Qualifications or retraining are not always necessary; natural aptitude and passion can count for much more
  • You may have to supplement your income working part time whilst building up your new career


Looking After Yourself During Times of Transition


Whether you're blazing through job applications, or are dealing with redundancy, be sure to take some time out for yourself. Changing career can be a tiring process, and you don't want to get so worn out that you feel like giving up early on!

How to Get Through Career Change Resistance

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Finding it hard to follow through on your career change action plan? Can't bring yourself to update your CV or website? In this blog post I offer some suggestions on how to get you feeling motivated again and able to tackle your career change tasks.