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From IT Engineer to Therapist

Think a big career change requires a 'big leap'? Think again. After spending 13 years in a job he knew wasn't right for him, Paul House has found a way to make a gradual shift into a career he loves – and to enjoy his current job while he does it.

From Banking to Pizzas

How does someone decide that a mobile pizza business is a the way forward, rather than a high-flying career in sales for a major bank? Pierfederico Ricci's shift took him from Canary Wharf, via a Careershifters workshop, to the Italian School of Pizza and a quiet country road in Surrey. This is his story.

From Big Corporate to Academia

"I didn’t like the hours I was working and I didn’t like the corporate culture." Jonathan spent years mulling over leaving his programme manager role, until he decided to take a different approach. This is how he made his shift.

Pamela Slim’s ‘Body Of Work’: A New Perspective On Your Career

Pamela Slim Body Of Work

The world of work is changing, and there are hundreds of career change books out there professing to give you the tools and techniques necessary to navigate it. But what’s truly necessary to operate effectively in a shifting career landscape is a new perspective on what a career is, and what it can be. Pamela Slim’s ‘Body of Work’ gives you exactly that, in a fresh, down-to-earth and accessible way.