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From Support Worker to Model Scout Career Change Interview


From Support Worker to Model Scout is a great interview from Gala Darling with a woman who had an unconventional career change. Hope you enjoy it!

Whether you’re into fashion or not, her story can help anyone wanting to make a big career change.

Her journey shows that:

  • Whilst some career changes come about in a more planned way, others can happen organically and incrementally, building up over time
  • The right career path for you, that uses your natural abilities, may become clear to you when you’re not searching or trying to ‘figure it out’ - her move into scouting was quite natural rather than forced
  • Qualifications or retraining are not always necessary; natural aptitude and passion can count for much more
  • You may have to supplement your income working part time whilst building up your new career


Looking After Yourself During Times of Transition


Whether you're blazing through job applications, or are dealing with redundancy, be sure to take some time out for yourself. Changing career can be a tiring process, and you don't want to get so worn out that you feel like giving up early on!

How to Get Through Career Change Resistance

image of coffee and table

Finding it hard to follow through on your career change action plan? Can't bring yourself to update your CV or website? In this blog post I offer some suggestions on how to get you feeling motivated again and able to tackle your career change tasks.

From Lawyer to Comedian - Inspiring Midlife Career Change Success Stories!


Check out this great article about three people who made dramatic career changes after working 15 or more years in stable work sectors. The article includes the stories of a lawyer who changed to comedy, a property agent who now runs guided food tours, and a corporate strategist-turned-jewellery designer.

Their stories advise that when changing career you should:

  • Accept that there is likely to be a noticeable drop in income for a while as you let your new venture mature. This could be anything from a few months to a couple of years.
  • Expect your new career direction to take some time to get going. If possible plan for this not only in practical, financial ways but also mentally.
  • It is not always necessary to have a high level of formal training when moving into a different area - especially if you are launching your own business. Passion and informal training are just as valid.