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From Office Life to Own Businesses

“I remember coming home after an awful day at the office and collapsing on the sofa, feeling miserable.” Chronically exhausted in her office job, Kathryn Hall created a new work path that was more in tune with her naturally introverted self. Here's how she rebooted her career and found her niche.

From HR to Coaching

“There were times when what I did seemed to have a purpose, but in the main, towards the end, it was a soul-destroying slog that felt a bit pointless.” Sally-Anne Dunn's work in HR left her feeling directionless, bored, and even her teeth were starting to complain... Her career change has taken her from Cape Town to Iceland, and she's now back in the UK building a portfolio career with meaning (and mountain bikes).

From Engineering to Design

“I was bored, uninspired and demotivated.” When Beth Sheard found herself crying in the office toilets, she realised that her working life had to change. Now, she's found a novel way to follow her passion and keep the best of her existing job. Here's her story.

From Sales to Start-Up

“I was never unhappy at work, but everything was always just 'OK'. I wanted more 'wow'.” Florence Kennedy knew she wasn't living her dream. So she unleashed her inner entrepreneur and started her own business. Here's how she made the leap.

From Full-time Marketing to Portfolio Career

“I felt stuck... I wanted to test new roles and working identities without completely derailing my life.” Don't have the money for a big leap? Want to test new career ideas? Mark O'Loughlin's story is a great example of how to do this. His shift is still in progress, but after the initial fear, he's found it easier than he thought. Here's what he's learnt so far.