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Career change can be a long process, so in theory it could be hard for us to know exactly how much of an impact we’ve made on your lives…

Except you tell us!

Here’s what you have to say:

About Careershifters

"What I love about Careershifters is that you advise people to embrace their true character and values; that you don't need to change to fit into an ideal, just embrace the natural talents you have. Thank you, thank you!" ~ Ceryl

"After months of job hunting and banging my head on endless brick walls, I found your website a breath of fresh air!" ~ Stephanie 

"Your site has really inspired me to get up and get on with building a life that works for me, not for the satisfaction of others (i.e. all the jealous 9-5ers!). I'm putting everything in place to get out of my boring, characterless job and start doing what I want to do." ~ Charlie

"I'm so glad I stumbled upon Careershifters. I feel in a much stronger, clearer and more confident position than I was in two weeks ago." ~ Sophie

"Your site and newsletters were a terrific source of encouragement and ideas for me. There is a good chance without them I would have continued to daydream of a new start, but never taken that first step to real change. Thank you guys!" ~ Jayne

About the Launch Pad Course

"I’m in a new career and grinning from ear to ear – I can’t believe that I’m actually doing it! Amazing course. Enthusiastic trainers. Highly recommended." ~ Sarah

"The amount of connections that seem to have come up since ending the course is amazing. There are some things I do now and think ‘why didn’t I do this before?’ and of course, it’s because I didn’t really know how to. When I put myself back to where I was three months ago and look at where I am now, it’s been an incredible shift in mindset. It’s all become second nature."  ~ Simon

"It's phenomenal when I think about how much I have achieved, and the things I have done during the program." ~ Dan

"Taking part in the Course helped reboot my confidence, kickstart my escape route, and I am now aiming for the complete life/work imbalance I dream of." ~ Claire

"Before the Course I felt trapped and without choices. Thanks to this experience I've learned how to reach out and find new ways to make the changes I want for my career (and ultimately my life) happen." ~ Alex 

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About our articles

"I just wanted to say how much I love how positive your website is. Reading many of the engaging articles this week has really helped to build my confidence and resilience during my current 'aaargh, what do I want to be when I grow up' thoughts!" ~ Louise

"I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your article this week on '4 Ways to Find Work You Love.'  I had to mention it to you because reading the article was like looking in a mirror. I relate 100% with the person you describe and it's both painful and an incredible relief to read my reflection so clearly. Thank you for translating the frenetic minds of people like me and making our fervent curiosity and enthusiam something to grasp hold of, tightly." ~ Claire

"It's always a real pleasure to receive your weekly bulletin - not only are they insightful and interesting but more importantly, they never fail to be uplifting. So thanks very much from one very satisfied reader!" ~ Peter

"THANK YOU! Just came home from a cr*p day at work and read some of the comments about the futility of 'traditional' job searching. It certainly put a smile on my face and instead of job hunting I will be on a mission - already feeling more positive." ~ Karina

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About our career change success stories

"I found it really helped me just to hear the many stories of how other people had managed to summon up the courage to make the leap. That's my favourite part as it reassured me it's do-able!" ~ Zoe

"Doing a job I hate whilst planning for my new career has undoubtedly been the hardest thing that I've ever done, both physically and mentally. However, it is so reassuring to read the stories on your website and be comforted by the advice given. Please keep up the good work. Your website is a constant source of encouragement to me." ~ Josef

Get inspired by people who made it to the other side

About our workshops

"The workshop was a great kick-starter for me: I found a new job and quit the one I was unhappy in. Now have a delightful week off before starting as an account executive with a branding agency next week!" ~ Clare

"Thank you for the visionary, practical, and very useful workshop last night. I feel that so much was packed in to a very short space of time. Money incredibly well spent." ~ Hilary

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a fantastic evening at the Careershifters workshop. I came out feeling clearer about my aims, way more positive (which is great on a Monday!) and inspired to take action. Thank you so much." ~ Fariha

"Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend my friends do it too." ~ Nathan

"Reassuring and confidence boosting." ~ Elizabeth

"All in all, thank you for helping me get so much more clarity from a 3 hour workshop. It was all it took to give me a lot more clarity and confidence!" ~ Agnes

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About our one-on-one coaching

"I completed a coaching series with Sarah last year and she was incredible. She was instrumental in my career change from 20 years in corporate IT to retraining as a counsellor, being a full time Dad and part time volunteer at a local mental health centre. My journey isn't over and has had (and is still having!) many twists and turns, but without the work that Sarah did coupled with the inspiration I've derived over the the last few years from your site, I reckon I'd be back in a cubicle staring blankly at a screen wondering what on earth I was doing :-)  It hasn't been easy but it's been fun!!" ~ Shafiq

"Working with Sonia has been incredibly helpful. Her probing questions, expert guidance and constructive advice have provided some much needed clarity on what's really important to me. Our sessions have also given me a huge confidence boost and a sense of purpose that I'm already putting to good use." ~ Sarah

About our webinars

"I just wanted to thank you again for your insight, ideas and inspiration during the webinar, as well as in the other articles that you have shared on the Careershifters website. The webinar has been more effective than caffeine in awakening me to the possibilities that I can and should pursue." ~ Katie

"Last night was an excellent webinar and I wanted to say thank you to you all again for answering my question. The advice has spurred me on to continue in my career-shifting journey." ~ Selina

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