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From Administrator to Web Developer, Speaker, And Lifetime Learner

Image of Gem Barrett

“Undervaluing myself was my biggest mistake.” When she signed up for a programming course, Gem Barrett never dreamed it would form the basis for a career that makes her "indescribably happy". She's overcome negative opinions, learned some tough lessons, and discovered that work can be so much more than just paying the bills. This is her story.

From IT Manager to Paramedic

Image of Peter Stone

“I needed more variety... and to feel like I was doing something worthwhile.” Peter Stone was well paid, but wasn't on the same wavelength as his colleagues. A work course he hated (and a dodgy hotel) were the triggers he needed to finally shift into work that felt right. Here's how he did it.

“How Do I Overcome The Overwhelm?”

David can't bring himself to imagine waking up in a year, still doing what he's doing now. But the thought of making a shift is almost as scary. When the task ahead of you feels too big to tackle, how do you get past the paralysis and start making progress?

From Project Manager to Teacher

Image of Oci Stott

“It's the most challenging and difficult job I have ever done, and it's also the most rewarding.” Are red tape and big slow processes like a straitjacket on your career? They certainly were for Oci Stott. Inspired by a stint volunteering in Japan, and never one to shy away from a challenge, she retrained in a notoriously difficult profession. Here's how her perseverance landed her the most rewarding job she's ever had.

From Filmmaker to Innovation Director

Image of Ellie Ford

“I continually doubted whether the path was right” Eleanor Ford was frustrated by her slow-moving industry. When she saw an opportunity to develop her idea for a new service connecting people through similar tastes, she leapt at it. Now, she's found herself in the fast-paced environment she'd always felt she was missing. Here's her story.

From Teacher to Education Start-Up

Image of Joel Balkwill

“I thrive on the freedom to act based on what I think is right.” Joel Balkwill knew there was a better way to prepare his students for life. When his school didn't support his plans, he decided to make them a reality on his own. Here's how he took a leap of faith, with no financial safety net, and discovered that being around the right people can be the perfect springboard to success.

From Project Manager to Author & Screenwriter

Image of Sarah Alderson

“My husband and I had an inkling that there was more to life than the 9–5 grind.” In an all-or-nothing leap, Sarah Alderson set out on a round-the-world adventure with her family. But little did she know that their trip would take her all the way to Hollywood. Here's how a little naivety (and a lot of hard work) went a long, long way...