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Career Change Clinic: How can I find work to fit around looking after my young children?

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"I have had a career break to look after my children for 3 years. My youngest has now just started school and I really want to get back to work, however all of the flexible or part time jobs I have seen advertised are depressing. I don't necessarily want to go back into what I did before and I do need a job which allows me to balance looking after my kids with a career.  Are there any other challenging and interesting careers that will work on a part-time basis? And have you any advice on how best to approach potential employers after having a career break?"

Career Change Clinic: I have many interests that could become possible careers. How do I choose which one to pursue?

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" I have hated my job as a corporate administrator for the past 7 years. I am at a point where I am desperate for a change, but it is so difficult to know what I might enjoy. I have thought about doing reflexology, or maybe becoming a pet-sitter. I read loads of books on self development  which I am drawn to. I don't know exactly what I want to do, or where to start. How do I make up my mind?"

Career Change Clinic: How to reconnect with your passion and bring it into your career

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" I’ve had an extremely successful career as a performing musician but had very little work for the past 5 years due to a decrease in session work. I’ve ended up specialising in fundraising by accident after various temp admin and data entry jobs I had to do to pay the bills. Do you have any tips on how I can get out of my current position and discover what I really want to do?”

Career Change Clinic: How to Move Past Fear to Get Unstuck

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"I want to leave my current office job but feel stuck. I have a few ideas for potential new career areas I could move into, but when I look further into them, I find the costs involved off-putting. I feel I'm destined to stay trapped in a mind-numbing job. What can I do to safely move forward and get unstuck?"