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From Newspaper Sales to Magazine Entrepreneur

When Robert started at his last job as a newspaper salesman, he told his future employers that his big dream was to write and run his own magazine. After years of unhappily pushing papers he didn't believe in, he left, and now he's launched Minty Bit Stronger... Dreams can come true. Here's how it happened for him.

From Visual Effects to Kitesurfing

Think a career-change takes a long time? Within just three months of leaving his job in London, Oliver Dadswell qualified as a kitesurfing instructor in Australia. Now he gets paid to hang out in incredible locations all over the world. Read on to find out how he did it.

From Travel to Tech

Michelle Brideau started her career in the travel industry, but quickly became bored. After an intensive coding course, she's kicking off a new career in a start-up. Read on to discover how she made it work.

From Teacher to Governess in Russia

Rachel Barnett's work as a teacher was making her exhausted and grumpy. Without having anything lined up, she left her job to start searching for something she enjoyed more. Now, she's loving living with a family and teaching their children in Moscow! Find out how she made the change.