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From PR to Celebrant

Wendy Coulton's shift started with an off-the-cuff joke and ended with her own business. She retrained, re-jigged her schedule, and landed her first clients – all without giving up her day job. Here, she shares how she did it.

From IT Engineer to Therapist

Think a big career change requires a 'big leap'? Think again. After spending 13 years in a job he knew wasn't right for him, Paul House has found a way to make a gradual shift into a career he loves – and to enjoy his current job while he does it.

From Banking to Pizzas

How does someone decide that a mobile pizza business is a the way forward, rather than a high-flying career in sales for a major bank? Pierfederico Ricci's shift took him from Canary Wharf, via a Careershifters workshop, to the Italian School of Pizza and a quiet country road in Surrey. This is his story.