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From Marketing to Music

Sophie Holderness

“I used to wake up with that horrendous sinking feeling.” Sophie Holderness had tried to break into her ideal career before – but it hadn't worked. Feeling like a failure, she settled for a job she loathed. Here's how she took a different approach to finally make her shift happen.

From Number Crunching to Portfolio Career

Image of Luke Darracott

“I felt stagnant and tied down... I wanted to do more with my time on this little planet of ours.” Luke Darracott's 9–5 as an analyst just didn't cut it anymore. He needed to care about his work, and to follow all his passions rather than just picking one. Find out how his beloved Spain helped translate his ideal career mix into reality.

From Copy Editor to Content Strategist

Hannah Adcock

“I felt disappointed that with a good academic background, plus experience, I had come to this.” Hannah Adcock felt like the oddball at the office party – frustrated that things could be done better, but powerless to change the status quo. A chance encounter with a book helped her see her new career direction clearly for the first time. Now, after a few twists and turns, she's ended up exactly where she wanted to be. Here's her story.

From Broker to Acupuncturist

Image of Steve Coster

“I felt ill knowing I had to go back on Monday morning” Steve Coster despised his job. He didn't know what else he could do, yet his passions and interests outside of work were already offering him clues. Here, he shares how he learned to tune in, and made the bold leap into work he loves.

The Pathfinder: How To Choose or Change Your Career

The Pathfinder

Bold, challenging and comprehensive, The Pathfinder is about as close as you’ll get to being coached without booking a session with a professional. And you’ll need some serious stamina to make it to the end. Natasha shares her thoughts on Nicholas Lore’s extensive book, and picks out its best lessons for your career change.

From Librarian to Writer and Editor

Gwyneth Marshman

“I filled my spare time to find the meaning I lacked at work; all this activity was burning me out.” Gwyneth Marshman had always felt stifled working in an office: the commute, the politics, the lack of autonomy – she just craved freedom. Here, she shares how she finally listened to her gut, made the leap, and allowed her creative side to flourish.