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Do you want the kind of career 'most people' have?

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Most people would rather stay in a miserable work situation that step into the uncertainty of change. In this guest blog post, Hattie B takes you through a step by step process to work through fear and begin to take action in your career change.

Practical Steps To Confidence

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Do you feel anxious when it comes to job interviews or cold-calling? In this blog post coach Claire Howe shares her top five tips for boosting confidence.

Career Change Clinic: How can I find my niche in my work area?

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"I'm only 3 years into my HR career, currently at an HR consultancy. I previously worked in HR in-house at a bank. I don't enjoy my current job and have decided I wanted to move back in-house. Because I have some gaps in my in-house experience, organisations I'm worried about career progression. I also wonder if I should be looking outside of HR. I have a degree in Modern Languages and a CIPD qualification I've recently completed via distance learning. How can I untangle the various threads and find something that makes me happy?"