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When Are You 'In Flow'?

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The times when you're 'in flow' could be the best indicators of your ideal career.

Find out what 'flow' is and join our discussion inside.

From Analyst to Artist

Charlie Goff-Deakins' creative talents were being wasted at his Analyst bank job. After receiving some encouraging feedback on his art, he decided to make a go of it and launched himself as a painter. This is how he made the change.

From Diplomacy to Poetry and Writing

"I woke up New Year's morning in Tonga, and thought: 'I’m basically in paradise, getting paid well, in a prestigious position, but I’m not happy and I’m not fulfilled'. And that was the point at which I decided: I’m going to take control of my life". This is Leilani Tamu's story.

How Do I Start A Business As a First-Timer?

Satya has made her career-change decision; she wants to start her own business. She’s great at what she does and is excited to start providing her services, but the ins and outs of launching a business feel really intimidating (and a little boring, too). Can you help her get started?

Crisis Or Opportunity?

Do you feel as if you are caught in a career crisis? Feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you are looking at the situation all wrong. What if this is, in fact, an OPPORTUNITY?