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From Marketing to Interior Design

“There was a slow dawning that if I didn't make a change, I would seriously regret never having given it a go.” Louise Keane had status and success in her PR role, but also a creeping sense that something was missing. She made the choice to step into more creative work and scratch the entrepreneurial itch she’d had for years. Here's how she made her shift.

From City Marketer to Creative Portfolio Careerist

“I was turning into one of the sleepwalking City drones I'd sworn I'd never become.” Carla Watkins was battling a bullying CEO, boredom and long hours in a job she despised, when a cross-Europe driving trip opened her eyes to the road she truly wanted to follow. Here, she shares how she's crafted a new career that's her perfect mix.

Chris Guillebeau's 'The Happiness of Pursuit'

The Happiness of Pursuit

Feeling dissatisfied with the daily grind? Craving a sense of purpose and meaning in your life? According to Chris Guillebeau, you might need to go on a quest. Natasha reviews his latest book, The Happiness of Pursuit, and shares its key lessons.

From Art Direction to Portfolio Career

“I couldn't ignore that niggling voice that was telling me I was destined for something different.” When Natalie Edwards found herself having to take regular breaks to avoid feeling tearful in the office, she knew it was time to leave. Read on to discover how she made her shift into work that feels 'like a breath of fresh air' to wake up to every day.

From Office Life to Own Businesses

“I remember coming home after an awful day at the office and collapsing on the sofa, feeling miserable.” Chronically exhausted in her office job, Kathryn Hall created a new work path that was more in tune with her naturally introverted self. Here's how she rebooted her career and found her niche.