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From Law to Coaching

Anna Margolis worked in London and LA as an international employment lawyer. No matter where she was living, she still felt uninspired by her work. She's now the Programme Director for a coaching training provider, alongside her own private clients. Here's how she made her shift.

Why You Should Stop Trying To Change Career (And What To Do Instead)

Stop sign

Spending day after day in the wrong job hurts. And once you've realised you need a change, making it happen can be exhausting. Can trying to change something actually be counterproductive? Natasha shares four concepts that can take the heartache out of your shift and move you forward without the fight.

From Programme to Product Management

Alex had been thinking about a career change for a long time. When redundancy loomed, he decided to make his move and threw himself fully into the process. Here's how he retrained, built up a new community of friends and landed the job he'd been dreaming of.

From Analyst to Senior Brand Manager

Jessica Deckinger previously worked as an analyst in an investment bank. She loved it, but wanted to use more of her creative skills – and have a life outside work. Now she's found the perfect place to have both as the Senior Brand Manager for a large confectionery company. This is her story.