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From Corporate Marketer to Own Business

Anna Lundberg had squeezed all the juice from her full-time marketing job and knew it was time to move on. In an all-or-nothing move, she took a long-desired sabbatical, started her own business, and moved to a new country. Sound too good to be true? This is how she did it.

From Academia to Career Advisor

One meeting sparked a new interest in Rebecca Dirnfeld. In a brave move, she gave up the 'academic' identity she had felt so defined by. She is now happily working as a career counsellor and running her own website. Read on to find out how she made her shift.

From Graphic Designer to Tutor

Jamie Mackie spent years grappling with the feeling that his work wasn't right for his evolving lifestyle. He's now happy and developing skills in a new role, but without having shifted away from the sector he loves. Read on to find out more.

From The City to Property

Glen Evans

"When I arrived back from two weeks' holiday and found 2,000+ emails in my inbox, I realised I didn't actually have to answer them. I had a choice. I got up and resigned immediately." Find out what Glen Evans did next and how he's made his shift.