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Video: Sir Ken Robinson on Passion for The School Of Life

Here is a very funny and inspiring lecture by Sir Ken Robinson, about working with your passion(s). Ken’s background is in creativity in education, and he has written books about the importance of working with your natural talents. I would encourage you to watch the video the whole way through. I've also pulled out some of his key ideas that relate to career change for you to think about!

Careershifters taking part in a live online Career clinic with the Guardian this Monday!

On Monday 4th April our very own Cath will be taking part in an online live career clinic hosted by the Guardian. This is a great chance for you to ask questions about your career change or current work, as well as learn from other peoples career conundrums.

Bored, unchallenged or quite literally sick of the sight of your current boss? Find out how to get your mojo back at work in the live Q&A on 4 April. Post questions and comments here:

Advice from a Musician: Tips for Pursuing an Alternative Career

drum kit

If you want to follow your passion in your new career, check out this interview with drummer and composer, Dave Price.

While he's not a career changer, he's someone who has always stuck to his own path.

Whether you want to quit the 9-5 to pursue a creative passion, start your own business, or turn a beloved hobby into a career, his insights can help support you.

Here are some highlights:

  • Only you can decide if you are good enough
  • Take every opportunity to put yourself forward without worrying about what other people might think about you
  • Be honest with yourself and with others
  • Do not allow yourself to become distracted from following your dream

Read the whole article here.

Consider Creating a Career Change Within Your Current Career

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If you feel dissatisfied in your current line of work, you may not necessarily need to throw the baby out with the bath water and embark on a completely new career. Finding ways to refine what you do so it becomes better suited to you can be just the right change you need. Read on for ideas about how to do this, and some examples of those who improved their existing careers to create the right career change for themselves.