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I Just Can't Choose!

Louis is bored in his career and planning his next move. He's interested in lots of different options, but can’t bring himself to choose one in case he misses out on something better elsewhere. How can he move forward?

As Impossible As A Marathon

Don't know about you but I always find the London Marathon a totally emotional experience. The utter ACHIEVEMENT of standing at the start line of a 26 mile course with it all ahead of you. And starting. And running. And keeping going. And keeping going. And getting there!

From Music Marketing to Meditation

Mark Dunn was unfulfilled by his job in marketing at the music giant EMI. The only thing he enjoyed was the company restaurant. After taking some time out, he decided to pursue his passion for wellbeing, and is now a positive meditation teacher. Read on to find out how he made the change.

I Don't Think I Can Take It Any More

Emily is an HR Manager for a hotel chain, and she’s losing the will to carry on. She knows she wants a new career path, but isn’t sure what it might be. In the throes of a job she hates, how can she find the energy to cope with the day-to-day grind and work on a career change at the same time?

From City Law to Politics

As soon as he started his City Lawyer traineeship, Mark Rusling knew it wasn't for him. He stuck it out, but made sure he had an escape route available into something he was passionate about: politics. Now, he's a councillor, and Head of Office for an MP at Westminster. Here, he shares his career change journey.

Is My Job The Problem, Or Is It Me?

Phil has been in the same line of work for most of his career. He's felt exhausted and tense for the past eighteen months and is considering a career change, but how can he be sure that his career is the problem, and not just his mindset?

From the Law to the Waves and the Stage

After Dee Ripoll qualified as a lawyer, she quickly started to dread going into work, with its long hours and office politics. She spent her days wishing she could be out surfing, or being a rock star. So... that's exactly what she did! Here, she shares how she made her dreams come true.

Marianne Cantwell’s Free Range Humans

What if you could do work you loved, on your own terms, from anywhere in the world? What if you had someone on hand to guide you, who had not only done this themselves, but also helped thousands of others to do it too? AND, what if this person was straight-up fun to hang out with and learn from? Does that sound a bit too good to be true? Well, it’s your lucky day.