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From Retail Manager to Guest House Owner

“I spent each week just looking forward to the weekend, or my next trip abroad.” Phil Jackson felt trapped in his career, living for his days off while his heart longed to explore the world. When the Boxing Day tsunami hit his beloved Sri Lanka, he felt compelled to return. Here, he shares how he literally built a new life there, on his own terms.

From Marketing to Solopreneur

“I don't miss a thing about being employed. I hated it.” Eli Trier struggled being surrounded by too many people at work. So she quit, went solo, and found the freedom and creativity she’d been craving. This is her story: the mistakes, the successes and an important lesson on being true to yourself.

From Tech & Design to Food

"I knew my heart wasn't in my current job, and that if I really wanted to dedicate myself to something, I needed to change." The more Rachel Karasik grew her side project, the more she fell in love with it. So, she ditched her desk job and began exploring her passion for all things culinary. Now she's creating a portfolio career around food. Here's how she's doing it.

Decisive: How To Make Better Decisions In Life And Work


What tough decisions are you facing right now in your career change? How are you going to make them? Decisive shows how our decision-making processes are often deeply flawed and offers a powerful new approach to making big choices. Natasha tell us what she thought of of the book (hint: she loved it) and shares the key lessons she learned from it.

From Advertising to Start-up

“I was fed up with working on other people's brands; it was time to create my own.” Neil Metson's motivation was stifled working solely for others. Needing a change, he gave up his evenings and weekends to develop an app with an old school friend. Now, the creative freedom of his sideline project has breathed new life into his whole career. Here's his story.

From Law to Own Business

“For all the hours I put in, I felt that my work never really had a significant impact on anyone in the world at large.” Fed up with hierarchies and longing to make a difference, Carla Monteiro-Reuter journeyed through a two-phase career shift that led her to the people-development work she loves. Here, she shares her story.