Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

Wise Monkey has become the leading provider of financial coaching services in the UK, helping people with the money side of their lives.

Tuition fee

Financial coaching helps people gain insight into what's behind their financial behaviour, clear some of the obstacles in the way of financial success and enables them to feel better equipped and motivated to tackle financial challenges.

Intensive training course to become a Financial Coach Practitioner

On this course you will learn how to:

  • Apply coaching skills to help people build a better relationship with money and feel calmer, more in control and confident about their finances.
  • Help people find practical solutions to their money challenges.
  • Use a wide range of practical tools and resources to help people change their financial behaviour and the way they think and feel about money.
  • Apply the Wise Monkey Financial Coaching Model, with extensive feedback on your own delivery.
  • Work within the boundaries of generic financial advice.

Using a blended method of teaching - including games, role-plays, coaching simulations, case studies, interactive and experiential learning activities and discussions - you’ll be equipped with everything you need to coach your clients.

You'll take away a manual packed full of invaluable resources specifically designed to set you up with all you need to start coaching clients of your own

You'll be able to access a huge range of resources via an online folder after the training which are ready for you to download and use.

You'll be issued a Financial Coach Practitioner certificate on completion of the course.

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