Octopus Money

Octopus Money are on a mission to make 1-to-1 financial coaching available to everyone. 

Full-time & Part-time

Financial coaches help people explore their life goals and show how they can make those goals achievable. They are self-employed and work flexibly.

Once accredited, they can serve clients from within their community, as well as their personal and professional networks. They can also choose to coach employees of workplaces that work with Octopus Money.

Octopus Money has cohorts averaging 10 people joining each month.

The training doesn’t cost you anything other than time. All that is required is a minimum of 20 hours per week for the training programme. It should take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete.

While you’re a trainee you’ll be able to offer clients 50% off their usual subscription fee. This allows you to sign a handful of real life clients to gain experience with, and allows you to put your training into practice immediately. Once accredited you will keep 100% of those earnings.

To become an accredited coach you need to demonstrate that you can deliver the service to the highest standard. You will need to go through the online training course and attend the webinars. But the most important thing is to learn and develop through real life practice by holding sessions with clients and potential clients.

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