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Retraining Directory

Find training providers and courses to help you retrain, reskill or upskill

What is this Directory?

It’s a curated, one-stop source of information and inspiration on trainig providers offering retraining, re-skilling and up-skilling suitable for people making a career change.

Who have you included – and why?

We've chosen training providers that, for the most part, have been recommended to us by our audience and our team. For others, we’ve looked at accreditation, length of operation, reviews on independent review sites, and media coverage of training. The directory is not meant to be exhaustive, but is meant to be a useful and interesting jumping off point.

We do not currently include providers that are universities, nor, in general, those that provide similar career change courses to the ones we provide.

Please also note that just because a training provider is listed in this directory does not mean we endorse them. Please do your own due diligence.

Know a training provider you think we should be listing in this directory?

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Please be sure to understand from the section above who we do / don’t list, and why. Then, if you’d like to make a suggestion to us, click the link below and complete the short form.

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Please note: though a training provider is listed, it does not mean we endorse them. Please do your own due diligence.

More about this training directory, who we include and why.