Behind The Balance Sheet

Behind the Balance Sheet is an investor training consultancy, specialising in helping you understand financial statements.

Business and Finance
Tuition fee
Remote & In person

Their online training school offers a range of courses to help investors make better decisions, and managers and founders understand balance sheets. The courses are practical without the excessive jargon and theoretical detail more normally associated with finance education.

Courses offered include:

Analyst Academy

A twelve month course to take you from having an interest in investing to having the skills of a professional analyst.

How to Read a Balance Sheet (and the other statements)

What you need to know to understand company accounts

How to Pick Winning Stocks

All you need to know about finding great stock ideas, verifying them and implementing them 

How to Value Companies

A comprehensive and practical guide to company valuation

They also offer more advanced courses, and can provide in-person training, both on-site and via Zoom.   

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