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From Credit Cards to Charities

Image of Rachael Ibbott

“I wanted to feel, at the end of a hard week, like it had all been worthwhile.” Rachael Ibbott wasn't unhappy at work, but something was missing. Here's how six months abroad, a social enterprise programme and a new perspective on her finances helped her shift into work that matters.

From Analyst to Web Developer

Image of Tim Robertson

“I couldn't bear dragging myself to work any longer.” Tim Robertson felt undervalued and unskilled. Longing to find more buzzy, creative and technical work, he took a big financial risk and retrained. It’s been an eye-opening reinvention with a steep learning curve, but he’s finally found a career path that ticks all his boxes. Here's how he did it.

From Project Manager to Marketer and Author

Image of Angela J. Ford

“I took a look at the future I could foresee for myself, and I didn't like what I saw.” Angela Ford felt stuck. Being trapped in one office and one town, day in, day out, was not the career future she wanted. After finally mustering the courage to make her big leap, she's now created a bespoke career that she's excited about. Here's how she did it, with all the highs and lows.

From Office Worker to Digital Nomad

Image of Anna Moran

“I'd been itching for years to break free... but I lacked the confidence to make the change.” A welcome redundancy finally gave Anna Moran the push she needed. Now, after six months of exploration, she's running her own organisation and using the world as her office. Here's her story.

From Teaching to Silverware

Image of Audrey Allan

“Sometimes it feels like people think I'm just playing at shops because I don't work an obvious 9–5 job.” Audrey Allan nearly moved to the other side of the world to escape her career. But when her sideline business started to take off, she realised she could find fulfilment and a family life much closer to home. Here's her story.