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From Marketing to Productivity Trainer

When Catherine Wheatcroft made a move to a new company and immediately felt disappointed, she knew it was time to make a bigger change. Her shift into self-employment as a productivity trainer has been full of growth, challenges and new lessons. This is her story.

Steven Pressfield's 'The War of Art'

The War Of Art

If you’ve ever started a new year in a slight state of shock that you’re still in a job you don’t enjoy, berated yourself for not doing more to change your career, or decided to ‘just do it tomorrow’, there are few pieces of writing as valuable for you as Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’.

From Marketing to Teaching

A three-hour meeting about yoghurts was the final straw for Tom Ding's career in marketing. Now he's working longer hours and for less money, but loving his new role. This is how he made his shift.

What If I'm Only Good For One Thing?

Serena has worked in her industry for many years, and people know and love her for what she does. She feels like it's time to move on, but she's scared of discovering that her only value lies in an industry she's no longer in love with. What should she do?

From Civil Service to Charity

"Courage, like fear, is infectious and if you surround yourself with positive people, you can achieve almost anything." After ten years' service in the army, Olly Church was discharged following an injury and quickly began to feel stifled in the Civil Service. He realised that there must be other ex-servicepeople like himself out there, longing to use their skills in meaningful work, so he co-founded a charity to help them to do so. This is his story.

From Technical Writer to Hydrobiologist

Marta Demarteau's trip to a distant Norwegian island gave her the headspace and inspiration she needed to move on from her job as an IT writer. She shares the lessons she learned along the way, and how she shifted into her field of passion, biology, without ever having to set foot inside a classroom...

What are you going to do to have no regrets looking back?

Diana Nyad's answer to this question nearly drove her to her death.

But she persevered. 

In the pitch-black night, stung by jellyfish, choking on salt water, singing to herself, hallucinating ... Diana just kept on going.

Watch her remarkable story below.

As Diana quoted from Roosevelt: 

From Property to Start-up

"I had become disillusioned, unfulfilled and increasingly frustrated." With his heart no longer in his London property job, Hugo Douglass left it to launch his own business – and with no prior start-up experience. This is how he did it.