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From Publishing to Social Impact

Image of Charlotte Sewell

Charlotte Sewell couldn't bear seeing the industry she loved being strangled by big business. Determined to find another way (and be part of making the change she wanted to see), she joined a social enterprise programme that opened her eyes to a whole new set of possibilities. Here's how she's now doing work she believes in.

From E-Commerce to Own Businesses

Image of Tamara Budz

Tamara Budz was fed up with big sluggish corporates that didn't allow her to put her family first. A timely ultimatum at work was just the kick she needed to get started on a dream she'd had for ten years. Now, after a couple of bumps in the road, she's crafted the flexible career she longed for. Here's her story.

From Communications to Solopreneurship

Image of Julienne DesJardins

When Julienne DesJardins' job changed, she felt like she no longer had a purpose. She started a side hustle which surprisingly ticked all her boxes, and which grew from hobby to full-time pursuit. Here's how she took charge of her lifestyle, sidestepped the naysayers and moved into work she loves.

From Marketer to Travel Writer

Image of Lizzie Davey

Lizzie Davey was tired of using her talents to line someone else's pockets. Longing to explore the world, she set out on her own. Despite a rocky beginning, she's now created a career that ticks all her boxes. Here's her story, wobbles and all.