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From Books to Brands

Image of David Woods

David Woods wasn't unhappy in his corporate role – he just needed work that gave him room to lead and to grow. So, he took a step into the unknown, joining a start-up with similar values that needed his expertise. Here's his story.

From Office Job to Own Business

Image of Jessica Freeman

Fed up with stressful hours and fake small talk, Jessica Freeman threw herself into growing her passion side project. She made the leap much sooner than expected, though not without learning a few lessons first. Here, she shares her biggest struggles, and why they've been worth it.

From Corporate Life to Own Consultancy

Image of Paula Hutchings

Paula Hutchings had a fun, fast-paced role, worked with great brands, and got to see the world. But none of this could scratch the itch she had to create something of her own and watch it grow. Here, she shares how she made the jump, and why becoming her own boss was the best career move she's made.

From Auditing to Coaching

Image of Emma Hadley

It didn't matter what successes Emma Hadley achieved, she still felt like something was missing. So began her journey to find out what she really wanted to do. Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and now she's closer than ever to having her ideal career. Here's her story.

From Investment to Nursing

Image of Nick Wintle

Nick Wintle felt like a tiny cog in a huge machine: overworked and undervalued. Determined to create a career he could feel proud of, he went back to basics, retraining in a field he knows he'll love. Here's how he's making it happen.

From Editing to Portfolio Career

Image of Stephanie de Geus

Crying on the sofa was not part of Stephanie de Geus's career plan. So, she decided to rewrite her story, making a big double leap with no backup plan. Here, she shares how she weathered the storm that followed, and how she learnt to keep going with her difficult shift.