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From Office Life to Start-up

Image of Ant and Louisa, The Grape Club

Disillusioned with his 'grey' corporate job, Ant Symington was determined to find work he really cared about. When jobhunting proved fruitless, he decided, along with his partner Louisa, to launch out on his own. Now they're both enjoying a career (and a start-up) they can feel proud of. Here's their story.

From PR to Psychotherapy

Image of Imogen Petit

Imogen Petit was exhausted. Though her industry was buzzy and sociable, she couldn't keep up the pretence that she enjoyed the work. Now, she's retrained in a whole new field that feels much more authentic. Here's how she did it (without capsizing her bank balance).

From Lawyer to Business Owner

Image of Susie Jones

Susie Jones had a prestigious job, but knew something wasn't right. She swung from idea to idea, option to option, until to her surprise, it turned out the thing she really wanted to do was right under her nose. Here's her story.

From Contractor to Business Owner

Image of Patrick Sesko

Patrick Sesko was done with working for someone else. Instead he wanted the freedom to choose where he worked, when he worked and who he worked with. Here's how he's made that happen – and successfully navigated the financial ups and downs to get there.

From Publishing to Social Impact

Image of Charlotte Sewell

Charlotte Sewell couldn't bear seeing the industry she loved being strangled by big business. Determined to find another way (and be part of making the change she wanted to see), she joined a social enterprise programme that opened her eyes to a whole new set of possibilities. Here's how she's now doing work she believes in.