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From Officer to Business Owner

Image of Richard Eason

Richard Eason had enjoyed his career, but knew he needed to do something different – away from the rules and hierarchy that had shaped so much of his working life. Here's how he made the leap, and how he swapped his uniform for, well, less conventional work attire...

From PR to Art

Image of Nami Chikhlia

How often do you dismiss your inner voice that tells you what you're meant for, and follow the 'acceptable' path instead? Nami Chikhlia was stuck in work that just didn't feel right, until a trip to Japan unlocked her creative side. Here's how she made the leap – and how it felt like coming home.

From Sound Engineer to Marketing

Image of Paul Egan

What do you do when you discover the work of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be? For Paul Egan, the answer was to experiment with something new. Here's how he learned (via a start-up, a false start and a lot of debt) that you don't have to know where you're going in order to get where you need to be.

From Management Consultancy to Coaching

Image of Naomi Honey

Are you too comfortable in your career? Naomi Honey didn't hate her job, but she wasn't fulfilled either. Work was so familiar and easy, she kept ignoring the niggling feeling that she needed more. Here's how she finally steeled herself to make the leap into the unknown, and how the universe conspired to help her along the way.

From Corporate Marketing to Start-up

Image of Scott Cooper

When redundancy finally forced Scott Cooper to make the career change he'd been longing for, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Now, he's created his own business and does things his way. Here's how he broke free of the corporate mindset to land the creative role he always wanted.

From The City to The Classroom

Fergal Moane

Fergal Moane's financial career was fast-paced and interesting. He travelled in first class, lunched at top restaurants and enjoyed a salary to match. But the banking crisis made him realise something was missing – he needed to give back. Find out how a local rugby club helped him find his new calling, and how he made it happen.