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From Pints to Property

Image of Rupert Beak

Rupert Beak had lost his drive at work. He needed a new challenge. Although his next step was clear, he still had to extract himself from the career he'd tied himself into for the last 15 years. Here he shares how he managed the transition from 'old hand' to 'fresh face' in a brand-new industry.

From Finance to Social Enterprise

Image of Danielle Anderson

Danielle Anderson had spent her whole career climbing towards her dream role. But when she finally got there, she was miserable. Quitting without a plan, she took a few months off to find a new direction. Now, she's built a career that uses her experience to make a positive difference in the world. Here's her story.

From Advertising to Own Health Brand

Melanie Lawson

Melanie Lawson's life had completely changed. After taking a career break to have children, she realised she'd outgrown the long hours and low pay of her old industry. So, she decided to build her own business instead. And despite some struggles along the way, she's not looking back. Here's how she did it.

From Books to Brands

Image of David Woods

David Woods wasn't unhappy in his corporate role – he just needed work that gave him room to lead and to grow. So, he took a step into the unknown, joining a start-up with similar values that needed his expertise. Here's his story.

From Office Job to Own Business

Image of Jessica Freeman

Fed up with stressful hours and fake small talk, Jessica Freeman threw herself into growing her passion side project. She made the leap much sooner than expected, though not without learning a few lessons first. Here, she shares her biggest struggles, and why they've been worth it.