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From Advertising to Sustainability

Jonathan Wise felt increasingly disillusioned with his work. He longed to be more in tune with nature, to create positive change and to concentrate on what he believed was really important. Find out how two unusual journeys opened his eyes to a new way of life – and to a new portfolio career.

From Film to Portfolio Career

"My twenties passed in a blur of work and sleep." Rachel Boot had an enviable role, but little time for her friends and life outside work. A new relationship brought things sharply into focus. Now, despite still not knowing exactly where she's heading, Rachel is experimenting with new options and finally feeling more like herself. This is her mid-shift story.

From Google to Start-up

Google is the last place you’d expect to be bored. Simon Douglass worked with big global clients and travelled the world, but still felt that his work lacked soul. He decided to start his own company doing what he loved, his way. Here, he shares what it’s like to bite the bullet and break out of your comfort zone.

My Head Feels A Mess. How Do I Focus?

Liam is full of thoughts, ideas and possibilities about his career change; so much so that he's paralysed. He's too drained by his busy brain to explore his options outside work, plus he has a move to a new city on the cards. What can he do to focus and move forwards?

From Charity to Tech

Heather Taylor Portmann loved the variety of her career, but missed learning new skills and the buzz of working with others. Now, she's found her perfect niche in a sharp team where she's learning every day. Here's how she did it and what she learned along the way.