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From 9–5 to Flexible Home Working

Image of Louis

"I'm more passionate than I've ever been before about working hard.” When Louis became a parent, he knew his lifestyle had to change. Now, he's taken a salary cut, worked weekends, and lost his kitchen table under piles of paper; but creating a fulfilling career and a legacy for his daughter makes it all worthwhile. This is his story.

From Corporate Investigator to Charity Manager

Image of Louise Thomson

“I was bored of hearing myself complain to people that I hated my job.” Louise Thomson used to love her career. But as time passed, she started to question what she was doing, both on an ethical and a personal level. Here's how a manifesto, a trip to Brazil, and a lot of experimentation led her to an industry she's proud to be a part of.

From Law to Events

Image of Kate Pumphrey

"I couldn't believe that I'd let myself end up doing something that I found so unstimulating." Kate Pumphrey’s lust for life was dwindling fast in the legal profession. So when a series of serendipitous events collided in the space of 24 hours one summer, she followed them. Here’s how she turned a labour of love into a career she adores.

From Banking to Social Enterprise

Image of Neha Chandgothia

"I was lacking purpose and a motive for my work." When Neha Chandgothia discovered the world of social enterprise, she felt a light bulb turn on. Settling into the culture of a new sector has been overwhelming, but she's finally found a way to harness her expertise to make the positive impact she craved.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Do you truly understand what motivates you? And as a career changer, do you need to? In 'Drive', Daniel H. Pink argues you can't create meaningful work without knowing why you're doing it. But Louise FitzBaxter wasn't so sure. Here are her takeaways on this fascinating but theory-heavy guide to doing work you love.