London School of Journalism

The London School of Journalism provides journalism and creative writing training.

Writing and Journalism
Tuition fee
Remote & In person

They provide both on-site and distance learning to its students, ranging from short courses to postgraduate diplomas.

Course options in further detail:

  • The distance learning courses cover all aspects of journalism and creative writing. Distance learning, utilising modern communications, allows student and teacher to work closely together, regardless of physical location.
  • The postgraduate courses cover news, features, freelance, media law, broadcast and internet journalism and can be taken as online courses or as attendance courses in London.
  • There is a four week summer school every August, and a range of evening classes and daytime short courses which are held throughout the year.

Although best-known for their journalism courses, half of their students are involved in other forms of writing - short stories, novels, children's fiction, poetry, cartooning and English courses. 

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