Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College specializes in animal-related career training.

Tuition fee
Remote & In person
Full-time & Part-time

Animal Behavior College specializes in animal-related career training working towards certifications in dog training, cat training, veterinary assistant, or pet grooming.

The following courses are offered online:

  • Dog Training
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Grooming Instruction
  • Cat Training
  • Aquarium Maintenance
  • Zoo Keeper Assistant

Dog Training is also offered in person at their Los Angeles, CA location. 

Animal Behavior College is available to students in the United States and Canada. They have created a network of professionals including: professional dog trainers, veterinary hospitals, grooming salons and humane societies across North America.Classes are taken online and mentor-directed experience is completed in the community, whether in the US or Canada. 

Additionally, Animal Behavior College’s dog training students have volunteered more than 120,000 hours to help save the lives of shelter dogs throughout North America in the “Students Saving Lives” program. Since 2004, students have volunteered a minimum of ten hours at local shelters, humane societies, or rescue organizations. Their goal is to socialize and train any “behaviorally-challenged” dogs to give them a better chance at adoption. 

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