CodeGym is an interactive online course for learning Java programming language from scratch.

Tuition fee
Full-time & Part-time

The CodeGym course is good for both beginners and more advanced students, because the complexity of tasks increases as you go through the course. The first levels teach basic Java concepts, such as ‘objects’, ‘classes’, ‘methods’ and so on. Gradually, the topics become more and more sophisticated, and so do the tasks.

The course is practice-oriented and game-based, with short lectures which explain specific topics. After the lecture students must solve different tasks to unlock new lectures and levels.

CodeGym consists of 6 quests, each devoted to a specific Java area. The whole course includes 1200 practical tasks with instant solution checking, as well as 500 lectures supplemented with funny stories, motivational videos and articles. 

To make the most of the course, students can solve tasks in the Intellij IDEA IDE software, by using the CodeGym plugin.

Students can ask for help with tasks, or other more general issues, in the Help section.

CodeGym is not only a platform to learn Java, but also a place where students can connect and make friends.

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