Code Institute

Code Institute is a University Credit-Rated online coding bootcamp, that teaches Python, React, Design Thinking and Agile as a standard part of the programme.

Tuition fee

The course has four pillars to develop your skills and build your professional attributes:

  • Full Stack Essentials: You’re ready to code
  • Full Stack Toolkit: You’re ready to work
  • Pick a Specialization: You’re ready to excel
  • Careers Hub: Your career advantage

The specialisation that you pick helps you launch and develop your career at an accelerated pace. You can choose from these specialisations:

  • e-Commerce
  • Advanced Front-End React JS
  • Predictive Analytics

The course content has been validated and credit-rated by the University of the West of Scotland.

The course is delivered online using their Learning Management System (LMS) combined with live support from their Student Care, Mentor, Tutor, Careers and Community teams.

Their Careers Team helps find you the right job and prepare you for interviews with 1:1 Career Support, Mentor Sessions, and global hiring partners.

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