Year Here

Year Here is a Postgraduate course in social innovation, where participants spend a year testing and building solutions to some of society's toughest problems.

Social Good
In person - UK

In the first few months of the programme, participants are placed in a frontline organisation and challenged to lead an innovation project. Next they’ll play the role of consultant on a social innovation brief set by a real client. Finally, they’ll develop a social venture idea from scratch – prototyping it in the real world and pitching it to fellow entrepreneurs.

Year Here is a full-time commitment, with 5 weeks of scheduled holiday in each programme. All programme activity (apart from WildCamp, a leadership development retreat) is based in London.

Fellows leave with a portfolio full of projects, ideas and experiences to go on and carve out an entrepreneurial career path. 

They run two programmes per year, kicking off in Autumn and Spring.

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