Women's Farm & Garden Association

Women's Farm & Garden Association offers the Work and Retrain as a Gardener Scheme, providing paid, part-time, practical horticultural training.

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In person - UK

They offer those with an interest in growing the opportunity to network and learn within a membership of professional growers.

The Work and Retrain as a Gardener Scheme

The WRAG Scheme was launched to provide paid, part-time, practical horticultural training.  The trainee works for 14 hours a week for the whole year, in a carefully sourced garden, under the instruction of the garden owner or head gardener.

Graduates of the Scheme enter a wide range of horticultural careers including, running their own gardening business, plant nursery work, head gardener roles and working for the WFGA as Regional Managers.

The trainee is paid the National Living Wage per hour by the garden owner with the trainee being responsible for their transport, taxation and National Insurance contributions.

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