The Happy Startup School

The Happy Startup School provides courses and support for purpose-driven startups and entrepreneurs.

Tuition fee
Remote & In person

You can start with their Happy Startup Canvas Course or go deeper with the Purpose & Profit Program, or 2020 Vision Program. 

The Happy Startup Canvas Course

The canvas is meant to be a starting point for creating the DNA of a new organisation. It will get you on the road to becoming a happy startup and build a more impactful business. By taking this online course you'll learn how to use the canvas structure for maximum impact.

Purpose & Profit Program

For creative entrepreneurs. You'll learn a unique framework that will help you align the business you want to create with who you really are.

This program also comes with 6 months' access to the Happy Startup online community.

2020 Vision Program

2020 Vision is an invite-only program for founders that want to seek new horizons. With their guidance and the support of a small group of peers, you’ll work towards a new vision – where you’re on the path to making money from products that harness your expertise, rather than selling your time. 

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