Founders Academy

Founders Academy's 9-month "alternative-MBA" is specifically geared towards preparing people to lead and manage startups.

You get paid
In person - UK

The 9-month “alternative-MBA” 

The 9-month “alternative-MBA”  programme is for professionals across industries with 3+ years'​ experience who are passionate about harnessing new technologies to build a better world. 

The programme involves:

  • Learning alongside a Tribe of peers
  • Spending the first 3 months at the FA campus, engaged in an immersive, project-based learning experience that intersects fundamental technology, business & human literacies
  • The next 6 months doing a paid placement at a high-growth, high-impact startup – a pathway into London's innovative companies

It is completely free, and pays learners a small stipend during part of the course.

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