American Academy of Interior Design

The American Academy of Interior Design provides training for interior design courses.

Tuition fee
Remote & In person
Full-time & Part-time

The American Academy of Interior Design has two main course offerings:

Advanced Certificate Home study  (takes approx. 6 months to complete)

Topics include:

  • Commination and Art Design
  • Techniques and Processes
  • Contextual Studies
  • 3D Practices
  • WorkFlows

Postgraduate Certificate Home Study (takes approx. 9 months to complete)

Topics Include those covered in the Advanced Certificate in addition to:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Visualisation
  • Isometric/Axonometric drawings
  • Detail drawings
  • Individual Project
  • Professional Development

As a home study student full access is given to the student area and the Online Learning Centre, which contains course material including: instructional videos, written content and assignments. Personal tutors are provided for support and feedback.

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