Share Your 13-word Career-change Story


Tell us your career-change story in exactly 13 words, and be in with a chance to win a one-hour deep-dive with Natasha to tackle your biggest challenge with your shift – or, if you've already shifted, a £100 / $130 Amazon voucher.

At Careershifters, we're big believers in the power of stories to inspire and provide insight into the reality of what it's like to search for more fulfilling work.

And this month, we want your career change stories.

Stories of success, embarrassing stories, weird ideas, inspiring moments…

Whether you've made a successful shift, you're right in the thick of making a change or you're still daydreaming from your desk, we want to hear about your experiences of changing career. It can tell the story of your entire shift, a key event... whatever you like.

The catch?

You have to tell it in 13 words. No more, no less

We'll be collecting your responses, and next week we'll share a collection of our favourite submissions in our email newsletter.

And the winner (chosen at random from the top 10) will get either a one-hour online deep-dive session with Natasha to tackle their biggest career-change challenge, or, if they've already made their shift, a £100 / $130 Amazon voucher!

Want to play? Submit your story before 6 p.m. (BST) on Friday, 7th September 2018.

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We asked the Careershifters team to give the challenge a try. Here's what came back:

  • “It all began when a client threw a dead pigeon at my head.”

  • “Is 'wanting to scream but going into the office anyway' a transferable skill?”

  • “2,000 lists. 30 job sites. 12 career books. 0 idea what I want.”

  • “The recruiter stares disapprovingly. 'But... have you got any experience as a cake-taster?'”

  • “I left the office without a plan and grabbed life by the balls.”

  • “Jobsite, jobsite, jobsite, jobsite, jobsite, jobsite, jobsite. Breakdown, whisky, plane ticket, horseshit, win.”

  • “Swore lots. Cried to the postman. Accidentally ended up playing for a living.”

  • “F@£! this... What the...? How the...? Oh wait. What if...? Maybe? Really? AWESOME!”

Click here to share your story.

Remember, doors close at 6 p.m. (BST) on Friday, September 7th.

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Natasha Stanley is head coach, writer, and experience designer for Careershifters. When she's not working, you'll find her listening to neuroscience podcasts, learning pottery, and dreaming up her next adventure.