“I feel so much more confident and able to do this now.”


Exhausted by her job, Rikki-Lea had doubts she could ever shift into more fulfilling work. The Launch Pad helped give her the confidence and community to finally take action on her career change.

How were you feeling about your work before taking part in the Launch Pad?

Before starting the Launch Pad, I was feeling incredibly negative about my work.

I was exhausted. Everyday I didn't want to go into work or fire up my computer.

I was feeling really unmotivated and didn't see a future in the field. The passion I once had when I studied in my field of expertise had completely dissipated.

It seemed to affect my personal life in a myriad of ways. My relationships were becoming a little bit more tense, because I was never really very happy. I found it hard to have a happy conversation or a positive conversation.

I didn't do any of my hobbies that I want to do, as I didn't have any motivation for anything fun outside of work.

Did you have any doubts or concerns about signing up?

I really doubted myself before starting the Launch Pad.

I didn't think I could make a new career.

I wasn't sure whether the course was perfect for me, either. But I just took a big leap of faith and it was right for me.

What most surprised you about the course?

Just how motivating the course was.

There were a multitude of things that created that motivating feeling  the coaches, everyone involved in developing the programme, the course materials, the weekly check ins and the coaching calls. All of the guidance hit the mark so well.

Having a community of supportive people was really, really useful. I was surprised that there were other people feeling exactly the same way that I was. I thought I was alone, but it turns out I wasn't.

The course is right for anyone who's thinking about changing careers. It's catered for all of us and it's inclusive. 

What was the biggest impact?

When I went into the Launch Pad I had an idea of what I wanted to be doing, but I really lacked confidence in just going and doing it.

I didn't believe that I had the abilities to do it, or be able to bridge some of the gaps in my knowledge that I did have.

And I really didn't feel confident asking people for help. I was very socially anxious. I didn't want to reach out to people, which I knew I'd need to do for my shift. 

The Launch Pad really helped me with all that. I feel so much more confident and able to do this now. 

What would you say to someone considering the Launch Pad?

I would say do it.

I would advise anyone who wants to make a career change to do the Launch Pad, even if you might feel like you can progress in your career change on your own when you're ready.

I found that it helped me get ready. It helped me narrow my options down as well. 

Read through what the course involves and whether you have the time or the headspace, but if you're not sure I'd just say do it. You've got nothing to lose.

You can find full details about the course on our dedicated Launch Pad page.