“I realised just how powerful it was to be part of a community going through similar experiences at the same time.”


Trying to figure out 'what next' had kept Isabella Coin stuck in her job longer than she wanted, with time passing by. The Launch Pad helped give her the tools and community to kickstart her shift.

How were you feeling in your work before the Launch Pad?

The best way to describe how I was feeling is stuck. 

I was stuck in a cycle of knowing that I wanted to leave my role and sort of negotiating with myself saying, 'another month, another two months until I can figure out what I need to do next and then I can leave.'

But I wasn't figuring out what to do next. So I was still in the same role as time was passing. 

I think this affected my wider self confidence. I was complaining a lot, to my partner, friends and family.

Did you have any doubts or concerns about joining the course?

My main concern was that I'd feel the same way coming out of the Launch Pad  still stuck, just maybe with a couple of new concepts and theoretical ideas in my brain.

I'd had this experience with individual career coaching before and I was a bit worried that I'd have a similar experience with the Launch Pad.

What was the biggest impact of the course?

The biggest impact I've seen has been in my mindset.

Before I might have talked a lot about changing roles or career, but because I wasn't quite sure about how to make that happen, I didn't fully believe in it.

Now I can actually see how to make my career change happen and I have more self confidence. I can make it happen.

What would you say to someone considering the Launch Pad?

I'd say take the leap, give it a try.

Once I was in the cohort, I realised just how powerful it was to be part of  a community going through similar experiences at the same time. You'll come out the other end with loads of practical tools and ideas to kickstart your career change.

You can find full details about the course on our dedicated Launch Pad page.