“I used the Launch Pad methodology to help me to explore and test the directions I was choosing.”


Ajit had a successful international career – but to him, it was daily drudgery. Through the Launch Pad, he gained clarity on what he actually wanted from a job, and a methodology to help him find fulfilling work.

What was your work situation before the Launch Pad?

I worked in IT security and compliance for a large international company.

How were you feeling about your work?

Outwardly, I’d built a successful management career, in which I got to travel all over the world.  

But my actual day-to-day work was what I can only describe as process-driven drudgery.

I’d come home from work every evening and think, “I can do better than this”.

Why did you decide to join the Launch Pad?

I’d spent so long feeling unhappy at work that it felt important not to compromise anymore.

I had a redundancy package so I had the opportunity to explore.  

To help me structure my shift and find like-minded support, I signed up to the Careershifters’ Launch Pad course.  

What were your reservations or skepticism?

It was a big investment for me, and some of the case studies I’d read seemed like changes in vocation, whereas for me it was less dramatic, more about a change in role. 

What was the experience like?

It was really interesting and made me face some of my demons. 

I’m naturally very shy and reserved, and had a fear of failure, so when we had to connect with people and try new things outside of our comfort zone, I initially froze. 

The course made me more self aware and willing to take action.

What were the highlights?

The people I connected with on the course – the online community was very supportive. 

I also enjoyed some of the early exercises where we had to go outside of our usual comfort zones. 

What were the toughest moments?

The fear of failure. 

I felt stuck in the last two weeks because I couldn’t push any further beyond my comfort zone. 

A year after the course I went back to the Launch Pad methodology to help me understand what I needed to do.

I realised there was a lot more I could offer outside of my narrow work specialism.  

What was the impact on you?

I learned how to distinguish myself from others; this is not about saying I’m better than anyone else, but what makes me unique.  

I did some consulting work and used that to reconnect with a lot of former colleagues and make some new connections, and the results really helped me overcome my fear of talking to people and asking for what I wanted.

I found I could overcome my fears if I had a good supportive environment around me. 

The people I work with now are all a lot younger than me, but it works really well and we learn a lot from each other.

I feel that from my experience I can now advise others a bit.

How did the Launch Pad help you get clear on and moving to your new career?

It helped me to rethink a lot about my life and be clear about my objectives.  

I understood what I wanted from my next position; I wanted to be with decent people and work in a dynamic environment (I now work in one of the fastest growing companies in India). 

I used the Launch Pad methodology to help me to explore and to test the directions I was choosing.

I ended up in the role I’m in because a friend of a colleague needed help and I offered it.

It was a discrete piece of work, but later they were looking for someone to fill this role and they said that they felt comfortable working with me.

I felt comfortable working with them, so here I am!

Anything else you’d like to add?

The kick comes later – you won’t walk out of the eight weeks of the Launch Pad with a new career, but if you keep following the methodology you can create the change you’re looking for.  

Keep working at it – your shift isn’t going to happen by itself, so don’t make excuses to do nothing. 

If in doubt, go with your gut feeling. Understand that if you create the right context, people will help you, and more.

Use what makes you unique. 


Photo © Senthil Photography

You can find full details about the course on our dedicated Launch Pad page.