Success Stories

From E-commerce to Software

Image of Erin Morrissey

“All of a sudden I realised I was in an amazing state of flow.” Erin Morrissey missed the challenge of learning something new. So when she stumbled across a subject that stretched her mentally and made time fly by, she made it her mission to immerse herself in it. This is her story.

From Corporate Investigator to Charity Manager

Image of Louise Thomson

“I was bored of hearing myself complain to people that I hated my job.” Louise Thomson used to love her career. But as time passed, she started to question what she was doing, both on an ethical and a personal level. Here's how a manifesto, a trip to Brazil, and a lot of experimentation led her to an industry she's proud to be a part of.

From Banking to Social Enterprise

Image of Neha Chandgothia

"I was lacking purpose and a motive for my work." When Neha Chandgothia discovered the world of social enterprise, she felt a light bulb turn on. Settling into the culture of a new sector has been overwhelming, but she's finally found a way to harness her expertise to make the positive impact she craved.

From Big Corporate to Fast-growing SME

Image of Linda Bridge

"You're in the driving seat. You can make a change if you're just brave enough to take the first step." Linda Bridge was searching for a fresh challenge. Just when she thought she'd found her new niche, another opportunity came her way… Here's how she made a two-step shift into a career she loves.

From Music to Environmental Enterprise

Image of Alex Robinson

"I had achieved so much of what I aimed for… but somehow I knew it wasn't for me." Alex Robinson had what many would consider an enviable career in the music industry. But when he looked into his future, it just didn't seem to fit. His career change started out slow, until he found a way to combine his skills with a passion for social impact. This is his story.

From Finance to Supporting Social Ventures

Image of David Bartram

"My girlfriend innocently asked me how work was going, and I went off on a long rant.” David Bartram followed a successful corporate trajectory after university, but didn’t feel the purpose and passion he craved. So he set out to discover something more. His shift took longer than he’d hoped, but he’s now found a way to use his business head to support causes that speak to his heart. This is his story.

From Sound Engineer to Marketing

Image of Paul Egan

“I was tired, had no free time and was pretty much broke.” What do you do when you discover the work of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be? For Paul Egan, the answer was to experiment with something new. Here's how he learned (via a start-up, a false start and a lot of debt) that you don't have to know where you're going in order to get where you need to be.

From Law to Youth Leadership

Image of Anna Watson

“For one of the first times in my life, I made a major, life-changing decision by gut instinct.” Anna Watson found herself stressed out and tense, in a career she'd never really chosen. So, she decided to take a leap of faith. Here's how a double shift – including a detour up the mountains of New Zealand – led her to a career that fits her perfectly.

From Self-Employed to Employee

Andrew Magill

"I always had this gut feeling that there was another path I needed to follow." Andrew Magill was frustrated; he just couldn't see where his physiotherapy career was going. But, by taking his time, working with a coach and getting curious about the companies he liked, he found a new role that ticks all his boxes. This is his story.

From Psychology to Fashion

Image of Carmen Boeser

“I began to feel trapped, confused, and sad. I'd lost my zest for life.” Carmen Boeser's work was meaningful, but it was draining. And when a cancelled surgery (with a six-week recovery time) felt like a disappointment, she knew something had to change. Here's how she made a complete U-turn, retrained, and started living her 'pipe dream'.