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From Sales to Software

Image of Tate Price

“I sleep better at night and feel a sense of fulfilment I never thought possible.” Though Tate Price was challenged by his career, he didn't find it worthwhile. Here's how he taught himself a new skill set, found an outlet for his creativity, and secured a job in an industry where he had no previous experience.

From Full-time to Flexible Working

Image of Hazel Morris

"Of course, my income isn't guaranteed, but I see that as more of a challenge, and I'm not far off what I used to earn now." It's not easy to 'give up' a career you've worked hard to build. But for Hazel Morris, continuing her busy, long-distance job was no longer an option. Here's how she turned a gift for a friend into a business and a lifestyle she loves.

From Broadcasting to Sobriety

Image of Kate Bee

“It was unsettling to finally get my 'dream job' and discover it wasn't quite what I'd imagined.” When Kate Bee transformed her health, she also discovered a way out of the career she no longer loved. Here's how she found clarity, started a business, and used a portfolio approach to manage her finances along the way.

From Property to Food

Image of Roly Simpson

“I wanted to be able to look back on my life and think I'd done something I enjoyed, on my own terms.” Roly Simpson had gone as far as he could go in his old career, so he decided instead to focus on a long-standing passion. Here's how he combined work experience, retraining, and careful planning to do work he loves.

From Fashion to Millinery

Image of Joanne Edwards

“I felt something was missing in my work and I wanted to find out what that was.” Joanne Edwards knew her job wasn't going to be a 'forever' career. So, she test-drove her many different creative interests until she found one that felt like a perfect fit. Here's how she did it.