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“I've gone from working in a role that was removed from what I care most about, to a job that I would still do even if I won the lottery.”

Image of Mireya Alvarez

From Private Equity to Social Investing

Ever feel like you're being pulled in two opposite directions? Mireya Alvarez knew she needed to combine her passions for finance and helping others, but she was scared of losing the salary and lifestyle that came with a corporate career. Find out which side won the tug of war.

“I felt disappointed that with a good academic background, plus experience, I had come to this.”

Hannah Adcock

From Copy Editor to Content Strategist

Hannah Adcock felt like the oddball at the office party – frustrated that things could be done better, but powerless to change the status quo. A chance encounter with a book helped her see her new career direction clearly for the first time. Now, after a few twists and turns, she's ended up exactly where she wanted to be. Here's her story.