Success Stories

From 9–5 to Flexible Home Working

Image of Louis

"I'm more passionate than I've ever been before about working hard.” When Louis became a parent, he knew his lifestyle had to change. Now, he's taken a salary cut, worked weekends, and lost his kitchen table under piles of paper; but creating a fulfilling career and a legacy for his daughter makes it all worthwhile. This is his story.

From Law to Events

Image of Kate Pumphrey

"I couldn't believe that I'd let myself end up doing something that I found so unstimulating." Kate Pumphrey’s lust for life was dwindling fast in the legal profession. So when a series of serendipitous events collided in the space of 24 hours one summer, she followed them. Here’s how she turned a labour of love into a career she adores.

From Drinks Brands to Distillery

Image of Danny Walker

“It was more a case of letting my hobby become my new career.” Danny Walker never thought he’d end up running his own business.  But as the side project he loved began to grow, so did the realisation that it was time for a change. Here’s how he made a considered, gradual shift into a career that fits his passions, his strengths, and the next stage of his life.

From Hospitality to Tech

Image of Tarryn Gorre

"I was exhausted, and it just wasn't fulfilling me anymore." When a friend approached Tarryn Gorre with a business idea, she leapt at the chance to make a fresh start. With a truckload of mistakes behind her, she's learning a lot – and she couldn't be happier with her new career. This is her story.

From Teaching to Own Business

Image of Vanessa Germond

“I now work from home, around my family.” When Vanessa Germond solved a problem for her daughter, she didn't expect it to become a route out of her career. But with the right support, she's discovered a new level of confidence and has launched a business she loves. This is her story.

From Microbiology to Childrenswear

Image of Helen Yard

“It's taken a while to learn what my limits are.” When a new addition to Helen Yard's family meant she couldn't return to her job, she decided to create something of her own. It's involved a lot of late nights and unexpected twists, but she's learned a huge amount about what it takes to run a business and raise a family at the same time. This is how she did it.

From Marketing to Moving Worlds

Image of Mark Horoszowski

“I would just sit in some meetings and think about how little everything mattered.” Mark Horoszowski wasn't miserable at work, but he craved more purpose. After learning some important lessons about analysis paralysis, overconfidence and the power of community, he's now leading a business where everything he does has a positive impact on the world. This is his story.

From Accountant to Fair Trade Entrepreneur

Image of Axel Steenberg

“I didn't like the way 'normal' businesses were run, nor people's values and attitudes within them, which just made me miserable.” Determined to find a more ethical way to work, Axel Steenberg and his wife launched their own Fair Trade business. Here's Axel's story, the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned along the way.

From Spreadsheets to Healthy Drinks

Image of Andy Sugden

“When you make such a big change, things are always going to go wrong. That's just part of it.” Andy Sugden quit his corporate job to turn an innovative side-project into a business. Here's how he enlisted the help of others, overcame tight finances, and created a career he's proud of.

From Engineering to E-commerce

Image of Beth Elsdon

“I enjoyed the work... but there wasn't really anything creative about my role. This was the missing link for me.” So Beth Elsdon braved some rocky financial times to set up an online craft marketplace – bringing what she loved into her career and getting the flexibility she was after. Here's how she did it.