Success Stories

From Branding to Photography

Image of Emily Kelly

"I didn't see myself going higher up the ladder." Emily Kelly liked her work, but it never featured in her visions of the future. When she returned from a creative course overseas, she was clear: it was time for a change. Here’s how she turned an artistic pursuit into an inspiring full-time career.

From Publishing to Pastry

Image of Melanie Moss

"I didn't feel fulfilled creatively or intellectually." Melanie Moss knew that she'd always been happiest pursuing her childhood hobby, so she set out to turn it into her profession. Now, she's realising her entrepreneurial potential doing something that makes her smile every day. Here's her story.

From Classrooms to Cruise Ships

Image of Sarah Chandler

"I didn't really feel like I had a life. I was just existing." Sarah Chandler was bored and uninspired, stuck in a cycle of early starts and long commutes. Here's how one brave decision transformed her life, and set her on a remarkable career path combining travel, music and inspiration.

From Video Games to Market Research

Image of Dan Lazar

“Make your move. It's a risk, but everything will eventually work out.” Sometimes, doing what you're 'supposed' to do leaves you in completely the wrong place. For Dan Lazar, a career change meant navigating uncertainty, mental gymnastics, and working out of a garage. But he did it, and created the freedom and salary he's always wanted. This is his story.

From PR to Fitness

Image of Emma Theron

"Nothing was ever good enough." For Emma Theron, the world of PR felt unsupportive and fake. So, she decided to take a leap and never go back. It's been a steep learning curve, but now she's turned what used to be the highlight of her day into her full-time career. This is her story.

From Midwife to Photographer

Image of Jo Littler

"The love for my job had been knocked out of me." When Jo Littler was bullied at work, it was the final straw in an already exhausting career. Pursuing her passion instead meant working 90-hour weeks and navigating a roller coaster of emotions, but finally, she's come out on top. This is her story.

From the Gym to Healthy Lifestyle Trainer

Image of Madelyn Wright

“It rarely feels like 'work'; it's more like an extension of my play time.” Madelyn Wright wasn't happy in her job, but she did believe in the value of the work she was doing there. Here's how she took her passion into her own hands, overcame a case of self-doubt, and designed a career that fits her perfectly.

From Press Office to Portfolio Career

Image of Rebecca Miller

“I'd been feeling unfulfilled in my job for years. I knew there must be 'something else', but I just didn't know what.” Inspired by a free course and a long-standing desire to be her own boss, Rebecca Miller is now juggling two businesses that she loves. Here's how she found what she really wanted to do – and the lessons she's learned along the way.

From Tech to Children's Books

Image of Lori Richmond

“What had I made in the last decade of my career? Did any of it still even exist?” Lori Richmond’s fast-paced career was exciting, but she never had anything to show for all her hard work. And then a night class reignited a long-dormant passion... Here’s how Lori took a measured, step-by-step approach into a new career she knows will last.

From Manager to Business Owner

Image of Lizzie Cheeld

“I realised how much time I was spending away from my family, friends, and the home that I loved.” Once Lizzie Cheeld finally admitted that her career was no longer working for her, she started to look at setting up her own business – one that would give her the quality of life she wanted, without a drop in income. Here are the tough lessons she learned and how she made it happen.