Success Stories

From Auditing to Coaching

Image of Emma Hadley

It didn't matter what successes Emma Hadley achieved, she still felt like something was missing. So began her journey to find out what she really wanted to do. Slowly, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and now she's closer than ever to having her ideal career. Here's her story.

From Investment to Nursing

Image of Nick Wintle

Nick Wintle felt like a tiny cog in a huge machine: overworked and undervalued. Determined to create a career he could feel proud of, he went back to basics, retraining in a field he knows he'll love. Here's how he's making it happen.

From Editing to Portfolio Career

Image of Stephanie de Geus

Crying on the sofa was not part of Stephanie de Geus's career plan. So, she decided to rewrite her story, making a big double leap with no backup plan. Here, she shares how she weathered the storm that followed, and how she learnt to keep going with her difficult shift.

From Banking to Blogging

Image of Sam Dounis

Sam Dounis' corporate job was forcing her to be someone she just wasn't. Drained and lost, she set out on a journey to discover what else she could do. Now, after a major U-turn, she's rediscovered her creativity and found work that she's excited to talk about. Here's her story.

From Spa to Start-up

Image of Corinne and Dan

Corinne Taylor had a bad case of burn out. When her back literally gave out under the strain, she realised it was time for a big change. Teaming up with business partner Daniel Henriques (who was fed up with his own unsociable work hours), she's now grown a career that helps her feel relaxed and energised. Here's their story.

From Marketing to Marketplace

Image of Gemma Whates

Gemma Whates was being pulled in two directions at once; either her career or home life always had to take second place. Fed up with compromise, she decided to take a gamble. Now she's got the home–work mix she wanted and she's letting her entrepreneurial side shine. Here's how she did it.

From Office Life to Start-up

Image of Ant and Louisa, The Grape Club

Disillusioned with his 'grey' corporate job, Ant Symington was determined to find work he really cared about. When jobhunting proved fruitless, he decided, along with his partner Louisa, to launch out on his own. Now they're both enjoying a career (and a start-up) they can feel proud of. Here's their story.

From PR to Psychotherapy

Image of Imogen Petit

Imogen Petit was exhausted. Though her industry was buzzy and sociable, she couldn't keep up the pretence that she enjoyed the work. Now, she's retrained in a whole new field that feels much more authentic. Here's how she did it (without capsizing her bank balance).

From Lawyer to Business Owner

Image of Susie Jones

Susie Jones had a prestigious job, but knew something wasn't right. She swung from idea to idea, option to option, until to her surprise, it turned out the thing she really wanted to do was right under her nose. Here's her story.