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From E-commerce to Software

Image of Erin Morrissey

“All of a sudden I realised I was in an amazing state of flow.” Erin Morrissey missed the challenge of learning something new. So when she stumbled across a subject that stretched her mentally and made time fly by, she made it her mission to immerse herself in it. This is her story.

From Journalist to Own Business

Image of Rosalind Gibb

"I was starting to feel like I was on a treadmill." Rosalind Gibbs' industry was changing, taking her away from the parts of her job she loved. So, she decided to use her skills in a new way. Now, with a few ups and downs, she's created a career where she chooses her own hours and the projects that interest her. This is her story.

From Desk-bound to Free-range

Image of Alex Wallace

"I normally have a lot of motivation, but it was steadily diminishing being sat at the same desk every day." Now, Alex Wallace is running a creative business he's passionate about. Here's what he learned about avoiding burnout, networking, and mapping out a successful career change.

From Law to Food

Image of Rukmini Iyer

"I don't miss anything... except perhaps the smart work wardrobe." Rukmini Iyer had felt unsure about her profession for years. Here's how she took what she was doing outside of work (and enjoying more than her job) and made it into her career.

From Branding to Photography

Image of Emily Kelly

"I didn't see myself going higher up the ladder." Emily Kelly liked her work, but it never featured in her visions of the future. When she returned from a creative course overseas, she was clear: it was time for a change. Here’s how she turned an artistic pursuit into an inspiring full-time career.

From Publishing to Pastry

Image of Melanie Moss

"I didn't feel fulfilled creatively or intellectually." Melanie Moss knew that she'd always been happiest pursuing her childhood hobby, so she set out to turn it into her profession. Now, she's realising her entrepreneurial potential doing something that makes her smile every day. Here's her story.