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“The thought of wasting my life doing something I didn't enjoy dramatically shifted my focus.”

From Graphic Designer to Adventurer, Speaker and Author

Think you can make a career out of paddling the length of the Mississippi? How about skateboarding across Australia? For Dave Cornthwaite, these activities are just 'another day at the office'. No wonder graphic design just wasn't enough of a challenge... Read on to find out how he made his change.

“I found an old career questionnaire response I'd written. It said 'If I could do anything in the world, I'd be a popstar.' Suddenly, the truth was loud.”

From Stockbroker to Singer-songwriter

Some careers seem like pipe dreams; so sought-after and exciting that it's almost not worth bothering to try to get there. But, as Danielle W. Carter shares, when you're finding joy in the journey, the destination gets closer of its own accord. Here's her amazing story.

“I miss the rush of the court room, but I don't miss the sense of futility, the insecurity or the poor work environment.”


From Criminal Law to Supporting Social Enterprise

Think it's impossible to get paid to train in a new field? Think again! When Martin Underwood realised that criminal law wasn't all it was cracked up to be, he came across an opportunity that ticked all the right boxes: challenging, exciting, with a positive social impact, and full of great (paid) work experience. Read on to discover how he made his move into a job he loves.