Startup Builder

Startup Builder

Startup Builder is a comprehensive two week business idea validation program, to plan and validate business ideas before losing too much time and money.

Tuition fee
Full-time & Part-time

Test the viability of your business idea in two weeks

Gain immediate access to The Startup Builder Club with over 80 worldwide founders:

  • .Weekly validation brainstorm
  • Have peers help
  • Get fresh ideas for your startup
  • Stay accountable and grow together

By the end of two weeks you'll...

  • Understand if your idea is viable
  • Have validation on the opportunity size
  • Have a tested value proposition
  • Have validation on the problem to solve
  • Have a marketing ecosystem and GoToMarket plan
  • Have validation on the willingness to pay
  • Learn how to go from idea to first sale
  • Have an OS to validate, think and plan your next ideas
  • Have a business plan draft.

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