Get a tailored plan to move into a career that's right for you

The reality about career change

Career change is hard. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't. And that's exactly why we set up Careershifters.

We'd like to show you the most effective path you can take to find and move into a career that's right for you. We've helped more than 4,000 people do this, usually with less stress and financial strain than they initially imagined.

Our career change roadmap sessions

We run a a limited number of one-on-one 'roadmap' sessions every week for people we think we can help the most, run by the senior coaches on our team. During the session, we explore your individual situation and draw together a personalised plan for you. 

The session is designed to:

  • Help you get clear on a path you can take from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Enable you to feel more confident about moving forward
  • Outline your best next steps

These are not for everyone

We'd love to speak to you if:

  • You are committed to making a change. This means you've made a conscious and deliberate decision that you are going to make your career change happen.
  • You've got sufficient financial resources to make a shift happen.
  • You're willing to do take the action that's needed. Career change can be hard and it requires targeted, sustained actions.

If you feel this describes you, please click the button below to go on to complete the application form on the next page. 

What happens next

We'll review your application form and, if we are sure we can help you, we'll be in touch to arrange a time for the consultation. We currently have six slots a week for these sessions.

To apply, please click the button below: