“How Can I Make A Move When I Don't Have The Cash?”

Hannah's almost ready to make her move into her dream career. The one thing standing in her way? Money. When you're anxious to shift but you don't have the cash, what are your options?

What's your career history and current job?

I work in B2B marketing in banking.

I'm a self-employed marketing manager, working on a contract basis through my own limited company. I generally work in the client's offices, alongside the existing team. Sometimes I'm managing a project, sometimes I'm talking to creative agencies about concepts, developing strategy, working on messaging, developing adverts, that sort of thing.

I moved around a bit at the beginning of my career, with stints in HR and sales support in recruitment, before finding my way into the financial sector.

I'm currently taking maternity leave after the birth of my son, so I do have a little bit of breathing space, but I'll need to start looking for a job soon.

How do you feel about your work?

I have mixed feelings about it.

I like aspects of the job: the creativity, for example, and the ability to run a project from start to finish. Parts of the job can be really interesting.

However, the culture of banking has made the job very difficult to do.

I don't fit the ethos, and struggle to play the corporate game that is required to progress through the ranks. The corporate 'message' seems hollow and I just can't get behind it, so I don't really fit in.

I also find the extremely hierarchical structure of banking very frustrating. If my boss already has a vision, I have to follow it, even if it's misguided.

In addition, I now have a young baby.

As a contractor I'm in no position to ask for any special favours, such as working from home. That's a hard perk to find in my line of work, and would only happen with a very understanding boss.

I'm dreading going back and missing all my son's special moments.

What would you like to be doing instead?

I want to develop properties.

It's the same dream job I've had since I was a teenager.

I'd love to build a portfolio of properties, developing each one to its best potential. I know I'd enjoy the creative process and also running a project that I'm solely responsible for. I'd get to actually see the fruits of my labour, and benefit financially from them.

Ideally, I'd start with an existing house, 'do it up', sell it and move on to the next, working up the ladder to get to the point where I have a few properties on the go at once. I'd then start looking at keeping some houses for rental revenue, and possibly moving into international markets (there are a few I'm already very familiar with).

I'd be able to choose my own hours and plan my work flexibly around my son. Plus, I wouldn't be chained to commuting to central London anymore.

I've already worked on one project where I helped increase the value of the property by £45k, while spending just £10k. I loved the whole process, from evaluating the market, to targeting a particular buyer, managing the work and then the final sale.

What's the biggest obstacle you're facing?

I just don't have the capital to get started.

I understand that in order to make this business pay, I really need to invest my own money. But I don't have a deposit that could secure me a mortgage and I don't have family that can afford to lend me money.

As the property market continues to move further and further out of my reach, it feels like I'll have to work for years and years (in a job that just doesn't fit me anymore), before I can save enough to buy even one small property. Without a substantial sum to actually start the process, I'm scared that my dream will stay a dream.

I know that I'd love the work, and I'm so ready to get started. I just can't make my finances stack up.

What do you do when your missing link is money?

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