Success Stories

From Law to Food

Image of Rukmini Iyer

"I don't miss anything... except perhaps the smart work wardrobe." Rukmini Iyer had felt unsure about her profession for years. Here's how she took what she was doing outside of work (and enjoying more than her job) and made it into her career.

From Property to Well-being

Image of Steph Miller

"I felt drained and lethargic all the time, with no energy to do what I really wanted to be doing.” It took Steph Miller five years to make a change, exploring and retraining alongside a job she still hated. But with perseverance and commitment, she’s now happier than she ever thought she could be. This is how she did it.

From Branding to Beauty


“I knew that I wanted to change things, but I could see that would mean stepping out of my comfort zone. That was frightening.” When an eye-opening exercise put Indre's career into perspective, she found the courage to get into action. Now she's balancing a portfolio career and enjoying a whole new sense of purpose. Here's her story.

From Advertising to Literacy Training

Image of Joanna Opoku

“Over the years I fell more and more out of love with my work.” Joanna Opoku knew she had to make a change, but had no idea what else she wanted to do. Here's how, using a combination of approaches (and some practical ways to keep the money coming in), she's now found a role that feels right for her.

From Accounting to Food

Image of Catherine Allen

“My confidence was at an all-time low. I had no interest in progressing – I couldn't bear the thought of being in a more senior role.” Stuck in a cycle of frustration and inertia, Catherine Allen decided to make a leap. Now, through a mix of practical experiments and new connections, she's immersed herself in an industry she loves. This is her story.

From Corporate Suits to Cotton Pyjamas

Image of Becky Lupton

“I'd become disillusioned with the corporate work environment. I knew I needed to make the jump.” Now, Becky Lupton is awake and working at 2 a.m., juggling a baby and a business, and making mistakes along the way. But even on her exhausted days, she has no regrets. This is her story.

From Iconic Brand to Own Label

Image of Laura Bonnell

“Life is for living. I'd always wanted to have my own business... so what was I waiting for?” After a difficult year and a painful redundancy, Laura Bonnell was forced to re-evaluate. Now she says she's never been happier – but the journey to her new career wasn't easy. This is her story.

From Osteopathy to Elves

Image of Emily Beckloff

“I decided that unless I gave it a go, I would always wonder what would have happened.” Emily Beckloff loved her day job but also had a burning curiosity to see if she could turn one of her other passions into a side business. Here’s how she navigated vulnerability and choke hazards to make her dreams – and those of children all over the world – a reality.

From Project Manager to Marketer and Author

Image of Angela J. Ford

“I took a look at the future I could foresee for myself, and I didn't like what I saw.” Angela Ford felt stuck. Being trapped in one office and one town, day in, day out, was not the career future she wanted. After finally mustering the courage to make her big leap, she's now created a bespoke career that she's excited about. Here's how she did it, with all the highs and lows.

From Coffee to Crafts

Image of Hannah Young

“The hardest part was coming from a business which I'd run for 15 years... to a business where I had no experience or knowledge to add.” When Hannah Young's home-decorating challenge became a fun business idea, she decided to see where it could lead. It wasn't long before her new side-project took off, so she shifted her lifestyle to accommodate a little bit of everything she loves. Here's how she did it.